If you breathe,
you belong here.

Hi! I'm Kate Lynch (she/her), a gentle yoga teacher who helps highly sensitive people regulate their nervous systems so they can feel more joy and calm. 

At Healthy Happy Yoga, we believe that social justice, equity, and trauma-informed practices are intrinsic to yoga. 

Everything yoga that I offer:

Free 30 min consult
Free better rest audios
Free highly sensitive yoga
Free polyvagal yoga
Free brain fog busters
Private Podcast $7/month
Compassion Club trial $9
Yoga in Brooklyn

Scroll down for details on these self-paced yoga courses:

Compassion Flow Yoga $35
Beyond People Pleasing $45
Motion is Lotion $55
Polyvagal Pranayama $65
Better Sleep Restorative $75
1-1 yoga first aid $25-$45
Compassion Club $85/month
Private Yoga $145-725
Retreat $355+ (Priority Rate)
Free on-demand gentle yoga class

How would it feel to stop tiptoeing around your life? 


Stop Walking On Eggshells! Gentle yoga to release your stress and shift your mindset about struggle.

Do you feel like you've got to manage everyone else's feelings, expectations, and frustrations? This 27 minute gentle yoga practice can help you release your tangled nerves and rebuild your trust.

Of course you'll keep caring about your loved ones, you'll just stop walking on eggshells around them.

I'll protect your privacy fiercely.

parent. cycle breaker. empath. vagus nerd. 

Hi! I'm Kate Lynch.

Want to regulate your highly sensitive nervous system so you can feel more joy and calm? 

Since 2002 I’ve empowered thousands of yoga students internationally, and I'd be honored to support you as you care for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. I founded The Compassion Club to give you a soft landing where you can move and heal in community. 

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Free 5-day challenge

Brain Fog Busters

Feeling scattered? The Brain Fog Busters I'm sharing will help you go from frazzled to focused, with 5 fun movement breaks that you can take anywhere. Feel less forgetful in 5 days. Register below to join the challenge. 

"Such simple moves but really effective. It was so helpful to have these to do when the distraction crept up." 

I'll protect your privacy fiercely.

The Compassion Club is the ONLY live online gentle yoga membership for HSP who want personalized support, encouragement, and connection. 

the compassion club
Priority registration & payment plan end August 15

Mindful Compassion & Gratitude Weekend

Gentle Movement, Journaling & Meditation - Pocono Mountains November 15-17, 2024. 

"I felt so restored during the retreat and was able to carry that feeling forward when faced with the stress & responsibilities of life upon returning home..."

befriend yourself!
Take my soothing HSP meditations with you

Want a familiar meditation guide in your ear and at your fingertips?


Take the Compassion Club Private Meditation Podcast with you on your commute or to your MIL's this summer.

I'll help you soothe and restore your sensitive nervous system through self-compassion, relaxation, and mindfulness meditations. Topics range from focus to kindness, self-worth, and relaxation. Guided by me, Kate Lynch, it's delivered to your podcast player (or you can listen on the website). You'll have dozens of curated audio meditations (ranging from 3-23 minutes) at your fingertips. 

"Listening to the podcast, I could feel my nervous system shift. It's amazing what can be done in a few seconds... It's okay to just steep in it, like tea."
-Michele V.

The Compassion Club includes the podcast. Cancel any time.

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Flowing yoga & embodied lovingkindness

What if your heart found the courage to stay open, even though the world is a sh*tshow?   


Compassion Flow Yoga: Is suffering holding you back from living peacefully? What if you could unlock space to breathe more fully? What if you could move through your physical and emotional suffering with more freedom, like a flowing stream? Explore novel, playful movement to ground and energize you. Release the tension that adds to your discomfort. Gently flowing yoga, embodied lovingkindness, and self-compassion relaxation are here for you in this on-demand video course.

7 day refund guarantee.

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a somatic approach to loving boundaries

Stop struggling to say no, deferring your needs, and feeling resentful. 


Beyond People Pleasing: 3 Keys to Thriving as an Empath. 

Is it hard to figure out what your own needs are? Are you confused by boundaries? Are you ready to embrace your gifts and thrive as an empath? This journaling and gentle yoga course will give you courage as you go beyond people pleasing to thriving as an empath. You'll feel more purposeful, embodied, and empowered to help create a more empathetic world. 

7 day refund guarantee.

Join the course & take it at your pace for $45
Sometimes small movements have a big impact

Life knocks us around, and that can hurt.


Motion is Lotion: Gentle Yoga Relief for Achy Joints

Gentle yoga has helped me more than anything else as I deal with my own injuries and chronic pain. I want the same relief for you. Release your tension and soreness through somatic movement practices, so that you can feel free to do what you love. This gentle yoga series helps sensitive people with sore joints to relieve stiffness and welcome tranquility. 

"I am not the most flexible human. I leave class feeling centered, connected, and rejuvenated."
-Frank L.

7 day refund guarantee.

Click here to get relief on-demand for $55
Nourish your nervous system and feel safer

Start to befriend your vagus nerve today! 


Polyvagal Pranayama & Yoga: Breathing & yoga to tone your nervous system so you can relax. Gentle, trauma-informed yoga helps build resilience to anxiety, breath by breath. In this breath and mindful movement course, I'll demystify polyvagal theory. You'll learn evidence-based practices and apply them to your stressful life so you can feel calmer and more connected. 

"I had read and understood Polyvagal Theory, but doing the yoga and consistently hearing about it has changed the way I think. I've internalized it." 
-Jeanmarie M.

7 day refund guarantee.

start to feel safer today for $65
sleep quality impacts every area of your life

Are you struggling to relax enough to get good sleep?


Restorative Yoga Techniques for Better Sleep: How would it feel to wake up calm and energized instead of drained? This self-paced restorative yoga course will help you wind down from a stressful day before going to sleep. 

  • The accumulated feelings you've gathered throughout¬†your day will have time to metabolize and release.
  • You'll gently tone your nervous system and quiet your mental chatter.
  • You'll rewire your sleep patterns and integrate new habits into your life.¬†

"I've had fewer wake ups. I'm using skills from the course that help me return to sleep without completely waking."
-Kathryn H.

"I've just done the first one and it's already helping me gently rethink my sleep attitude."
-Louise W.

7 day refund guarantee.

get better sleep techniques for $75.

Not getting your needs met in group yoga classes? Private Online (or Brooklyn) Yoga with Kate Lynch is personalized for a tailored approach to address your unique needs as a highly sensitive person. 

"Kate draws from a wealth of knowledge about the body & mind. I feel safe in her hands, and am able to move freely and completely let go!"

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