How would it feel to wake up calm and energized instead of drained?



"It worked so well for me. I was so cozy and comfy that I could not get up from my nook. I had fallen asleep and then fell back to sleep.”
-Ilana A.

Download Your 3 Audio Guided Relaxations

Are you struggling to relax enough to get good sleep? Our family has overcome a lot of issues stemming from anxiety, including sleepless nights and bleary, cranky days. I've learned so much about the importance of sleep quality and quantity for neurological wellbeing in the past few years.

It turns out I already had the most effective sleep support at my fingertips:

Guided relaxation and breathing have been shown to reduce stress in 85% of mindful yoga practitioners. 

So if stress is keeping you awake, I want to give you these 3 guided relaxation audios, so you will have some support in winding down before sleep. 

Step 1. Download my 3 free audio guided deep relaxation recordings. You'll join an inclusive community where I share calming yoga tools every Friday.

Step 2. Create your cozy nest in bed. Gather blankets and cushions so you feel supremely comfortable.

Step 3. Listen... and surrender to sleep. Repeat!

reclining relaxing sleeping cozy audio recordings

“I have had fewer wake ups.
I'm able to return to sleep without completely waking.” 
-Kathryn H.

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