Breathe, move, and heal in community:

The Compassion Club

Our gentle yoga membership for highly sensitive people. 

You take care of everyone except yourself, but you're ready to change that pattern. 


You want to fill your cup so you have more ease and joy to share with your loved ones.


But instead of taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically...

  • You’re shouldering the weight of everyone else’s needs.  
  • Your body hurts and your energy is depleted.
  • You know you’re headed for burnout, but you can’t seem to motivate yourself.

And I know what you REALLY want to do is…

have fun

getting stronger
and calmer,


with the part of you that deserves to be heard,

feel safe

as you stretch your
body and mind,

...and never feel alone in your struggles.


  • You’re too busy.
  •  You’re too worried.
  •  You’re too tired. 
  •  There’s always one more task to do for someone else.

…and that has got you thinking that it's easier to just keep putting off your own wellbeing until... when?


I have to be honest with you:

That pain in your shoulder is only going to get worse.

Your to-do list will never be done.

The people you love will always have needs.

Willpower will not suddenly start motivating you.

AND you have to take care of your physical and mental health NOW. If not for yourself, do it for them.  

If you'd like support with:

  1. the joint pain that comes with carrying extra tension in your body,

  2. the hypervigilance that happens when you want to fix everything everywhere all at once, and 

  3. the exhaustion caused by being in a state of overwhelm, tipping towards burnout...

...then you are in the right place!


Amy W.

Compassion Club member and therapist

"Before joining The Compassion Club, I was filled with 'shoulds.' I should do yoga, I should meditate, I should prioritize my self-care.  But it was one more thing on a long list of 'to dos,' that consistently got pushed to the bottom of the priority list.

"The Compassion Club makes prioritizing myself so.much.easier. Thank you, Kate!"

Meghan W.

Compassion Club member and parent of neurodiverse twins

"I work from home, I'm a single parent, and I have a lot on my plate. The Compassion Club helps me refill my cup. Moving my body always makes things better for me.

"I've realized that I have anxiety. The tools that you give us, whether it's through breath or movement or mindset, help me deal with that on a day-to-day basis."



"I know if I can just drag myself there, it will be gentle, and I will feel better." 

Just drag yourself to class, especially when you feel like crap. Especially when you got 3 hours of sleep. Yes, the kids and pets might climb on you. Yes, things might be messy. It's okay. 

  • It really is judgment-free.

  • You really will feel better. 

  • And the commute is easy!


When you join The Compassion Club, you'll have the tools, accountability, and consistency you need to care for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Hi, I’m Kate Lynch!

I'm a therapeutic yoga teacher who helps highly sensitive, empathetic people take themselves off the back burner to make space in their lives for self-care.

Since 2002, I’ve supported thousands of yoga students internationally. My little neurodiverse family lives in a magical land called Brooklyn.

I founded The Compassion Club to give highly sensitive, empathetic people a soft landing where they can move and heal in community.

It's a welcoming online space to breathe and open up to connection. 

We're a judgment-free yoga community. 

  • Consistent, customized gentle yoga

    -Your body will be happier! You will move gently with lots of variations. 
    -When you feel stress mounting, you will have tools to return to your center. 
    -Live classes and replays give you motivation and structure.

  • Compassionate community

    -Connect with other members having a similar experience. We are real people showing up for each other, even when it's hard. Many members stay on after class on Saturdays to catch up and get to know each other better.
    -The private Compassion Community (OFF of social media) is there for you in between classes.
    -Of course it is all optional. We're introverts too!





 Try it free for 7 days!


  1. Choose from 10 live online customized yoga & meditation classes monthly!
    We love to see you live for any or all of the time. This is when classes are filmed, NYC time:
    -Saturdays 11-12:30 Connect, Flow, Meditate, Rest
    -Mondays 11-11:30 Meditate & Reflect

    -Wednesdays 11-11:30 Flow

  2. Replays: access for 2 weeks. Plus, bonus on-demand courses for sleep, anxiety, compassion, and more!

  3. An app & a private podcast so you can easily practice anywhere, anytime. 

  4. Access to Kate for questions before or after class and via email. Members get discounted 1-1 sessions for private yoga and/or coaching.

  5. Private Compassion Community to connect with each other off of social media. 

"The classes are friendly, fun and always include something that I need. It is great to have the videos for when I can't join live...

"I value the opportunity to practice and connect 3 times a week, and freedom to skip when I have other priorities. I can watch the replay or not. There's never an expectation."

-Susanne J. 
Compassion Club member and yoga therapist

"Some of the things that I really like about the club are the consistency, the accountability, and I also really appreciate the community, which I didn't expect to happen online necessarily, but it does. I know I will get my money's worth because I know I'm gonna actually do it, and that's money well spent."

-Meghan W. 
Compassion Club member and parent of neurodiverse twins

Lisa B.

Parent and Compassion Club member

“I was feeling isolated, overwhelmed, stuck, and burned out after years of hyper-vigilance and worry, trying to keep my family safe. There were so many layers of anxiety and trauma that I couldn’t see how to begin to let go, reset, and find my way back to an emotional neutral.

"Joining the Compassion Club has been the medicine I needed. Kate is a gentle and thoughtful guide and helped bring ease, comfort, and mindfulness into my week. This work is so grounded in the body and breath that the effects have been profound from the first session.”

Ready to create more joy in your life &
make a positive impact?


A few of the amazing bonuses you'll discover inside
The Compassion Club:

Denise R. 

Compassion Club member and parent to 3 neurodiverse boys

"I felt drawn to this group immediately. As you know it can be difficult to find one that has true yogic principles vs. fitness goals that is open, accepting, inclusive and supportive all at the same time. 

"I have greatly appreciated your recordings, since getting to class seems to be tricky lately."

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When we open the doors, you'll to be the first to know!

I'll protect your privacy fiercely.

The Compassion Club is $85 per Month.

The Private Plan $275 per month.

The private plan includes 1-1 sessions twice a month. 

My Guarantee:

Try it free for 7 days! If the membership isn't right for you, I make it easy for you to cancel.

No, it won't hurt my feelings. But I'll miss you!

Questions I Get Asked About the Compassion Club:

I'm ready to join!

Watch Video:

Q & A with Meghan, a founding member of the Compassion Club:

A note from
Kate Lynch

I've been an anxious and intense person my whole life. That's what led me to yoga and meditation.

“If it wasn’t for the online format, I wouldn’t have gotten to know everyone and taken the time to learn the other things that yoga is about. I really appreciate the reflections and introspection.”

-Portia F. 
Parent and Compassion Club member 

“I have been working with Kate for years. She is versed in her craft and has a way of making participants feel comfortable... I was so resistant to virtual yoga, and I'm so glad I was able to get over that because it's just so enjoyable.”

-Donna H.
Parent and therapist

“Will this fit into my life?”

That’s the wrong question. 

The question is, are you ready for your life to change?


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