About me

Hi, I’m Kate! I can’t wait to walk this path alongside you, sharing the tools that have helped me feel calmer.

The short bio:

Kate Lynch (she/her): Parent of an amazing atypical kid, inclusive yoga teacher, mindful parent mentor, and author. Her little neurodiverse family lives in a magical land called Brooklyn.

The long bio:

Kate Lynch (she/her):

Parent of an amazing atypical kid, inclusive yoga teacher, mindful parent mentor and author. Kate began teaching yoga and cultivating community in 2002, hoping to relieve some of the suffering in the world after 9/11. Since then she has shared the tools that help her find joy, healing and calm in the face of self-doubt, pain and anxiety.

Her classes are welcoming, friendly and intuitive, and reflect her core values: empathy, integrity, equity and respect.

Kate's little neurodiverse family lives in a magical land called Brooklyn (AKA Lenape territory). 

In her role as Ocean’s mama, Kate continues to learn about advocacy and neurodiversity. She works to empower parents and encourage a collective sense of belonging.

Kate is the creator of the podcast and upcoming book, Mindfully Parenting Atypical Kids. She writes for Mutha Magazine, Autism Advocate Parenting MagazineAutism Parenting MagazineAccessible Yoga Blog, Yoga for Times of Change, The Good Men Project, and The Mighty.

She has been recognized as a top writer in Mindfulness and Parenting on Medium, where her work has been published in Better Humans, Family Matters and Age of Empathy among others, and has over 11,000 followers! 

Read the Inclusive Yoga & Mindful Parenting Blog where Kate writes vulnerably at the intersection of her practice and life, sharing actionable tools that help you stay present. You can also subscribe to Kate's new Substack newsletter, a sandbox of her raw, unpolished thoughts about navigating parenting her neurodivergent kid in 2022: Mindful Parenting in an Ableist World.

Kate has advanced training in mindfulness, meditation, polyvagal-informed therapeutic movement practices, prenatal and postpartum yoga, yoga for kids, and integrating equity. She offers accessible variations, and encourages self nurturing, mindful breathing and awareness.

Her teachers include Bo Forbes, Seane Corn, Michelle Cassandra Johnson, and Hari Kaur, and she is profoundly influenced by Tara Brach and Thich Nhat Hanh.

Kate specializes in teaching mindfulness tools to anxious parents of atypical kids. These simple strategies help parents feel calmer, no matter how intense their neurodivergent kid is in the moment. 

Everything that informs Kate’s life inspires her practice and teaching. At one time her worlds felt separate and she didn’t know how they fit, but now she recognizes that one word sums up her intention in all facets: Inclusion.

She is a member of the Yoga Service Collective.

“The way she teaches - direct, clear, nothing extra but nothing held back, lets the yoga do the work and tells you just what is helpful to give you focus and intention.”

— Ricki G.