Polyvagal Pranayama & Yoga

Breathing & yoga to tone your nervous system so you can relax.

Polyvagal Theory is a map to help us understand our reactions to life's challenges. I’m no scientist, but as a yoga teacher it has really validated my experience with breath, touch, connection and movement.

With the awareness you gain, you'll have more agency over your nervous system. In other words: you'll be aware of your choices. You won't be as controlled by your gut reactions.

  • Therapeutic, gentle, trauma-informed yoga helps build resilience to anxiety, breath by breath. 

  • I'll demystify what the polyvagal theory is, and how it aligns with yogic physiology.

  • You'll learn evidence-based practices and apply them to your stressful life so you can feel calmer and more connected. 

Nourish your nervous system and feel safer:

What your body tells your nervous system about safety depends on your environment. But here's the issue a lot of us have: Our body is telling us something that's no longer true. We're kind of stuck in a state that doesn't match our context. In yoga we call that Samskara: Habitual grooves that we have created through repetition. It is easier to follow a well-worn path, even if the path is no longer the best route for you.

"Neuroception leads to changes in autonomic states, emotions, behaviors, and stories... Each survival state brings important actions...

"When the autonomic nervous system has been shaped in an unsafe environment, habitual responses that are either too much or too little are a common result... Inability to calm defense systems in safe environments leads to a habitual hypervigilant, alarmed state."

-Deb Dana

In this breath and mindful movement course, I'll demystify the polyvagal theory and share practices to help you experience the benefits of your new awareness.

Features of the self-paced course:

  • A 20 minute intro workshop, Brain Body Breathing. Experience breath practices to support you at each rung of the polyvagal ladder. Meet your nervous system where it's at.

  • 6 full-length polyvagal yoga practice videos designed to help you understand and tone your nervous system:
    • Polyvagal Yoga Introduction
    • Polyvagal Yoga for Connection
    • Yoga to Vibrate Your Viscera
    • Danger Will Robinson!
    • Polyvagal Yoga for Awareness
    • Safety in Your Feelings

  • Ask me questions via email or in course comments. I love talking about the polyvagal theory!

3 aspects of a polyvagal-informed method of teaching are:

  1. Context: Sharing WHY we are doing things, and reviewing what we will be doing.
  2. Choice: Returning body agency back to you and your body.
  3. Connection: Regulating with each other and reconnecting when we move apart. Yes, this can happen online.

Guarantee: If you don't like it, let me know within 7 days and I'll refund you.

The autonomic nervous system sends and searches for cues of safety or danger… The cues sent from one system to another either co-regulate and invite new possibilities or increase reactivity and reinforce habitual survival patterns.

-Deb Dana

I was feeling stiffness in my lower back. As class progressed, I felt the stiffness dissipate.

-Donna H.

I've become more aware that I have a choice. 'Tend and befriend' has become my mantra! I had read and understood Polyvagal Theory, but doing the yoga and consistently hearing about it has changed the way I think. I've internalized it.

-Jeanmarie M.

$65.00 USD