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I’m so excited to be offering an intro to kundalini meditation workshop at Third Root NYC!!!

If you’re curious about Kundalini meditation and chanting, please come try this empowering practice.

Kate explains these techniques in an approachable, gentle, no-nonsense way.

Learn some warmups you can do to relieve discomfort around your spine. Then try a few different meditations interspersed with breathing patterns and progressive relaxation. You don’t need to be able to sit for long periods, but you can if you want to. You can also sit in a chair or lie down.

There will be a long relaxation with focus on chakras or energy centers.

Kate trained with Yogi Bhajan and Hari Kaur in 2002, and specializes in demystifying the practice for beginners. Questions are encouraged in this interactive workshop.

The aim of all yoga is to awaken the creative potential you already carry within you, and this is one accessible and powerful pathway.


welcome to healthy happy yoga

Supporting your Unfolding

“If you breathe, you belong here.”

-Kate Lynch

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Kate Lynch

Meditation Coach &

Inclusive Yoga Teacher

My mission

I co-create Welcoming space for people to nurture themselves.

My work is to offer you tools to breathe consciously and listen to your inner wisdom.

My core values are empathy, integrity, equity and respect.

offerING accessible variations, I encourage nonjudgmental awareness.

if you breathe, You belong here.