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“If you breathe, you belong here.”

-Kate Lynch

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Find the Class for You

Use the descriptions below to decide which weekly class is right for you.

See the Series page for targeted small group trainings.


individual/small group yoga and meditation

In-home classes are a healing gift for yourself or a loved one. Do you have specific needs? Want to deepen your practice or try yoga for the first time somewhere you feel comfortable? I can customize your small group or private class. Fill out a detailed Intake Form, so I can get to know you and your goals better. The classes will be specifically designed for you, drawing on my diverse training and experience. When and where is most convenient for you? Follow up support is included.

"Thank you for really believing in what you do & sharing that with us."

vinyasa yoga

Developing a deep relationship with the breath, the practitioner flows through a moving meditation. This strengthening practice brings balance, flexibility and health to body, mind and spirit. With a focus on alignment and self awareness, vinyasa yoga can be as profound as it is creative and dynamic.

"Your enthusiasm and sincerity is evident but what I really like about your classes is that they are slow and challenging. In my experience (and at my age) slow and challenging is much better because you get the benefits of hard work without the danger of injury."

parent baby yoga

Babies 6 weeks to crawling, bring along your parents and have fun doing yoga together.  An interactive class for all levels.  No judgments, just fun, relaxing yoga for parents (strengthen, stretch, relax and energize), and babies (known to help with digestion and rest).
All parents are welcome! Please bring a blanket for baby.

"Thank you for creating a warm and compassionate space for me and so many other moms.  Your class has brought me comfort, serenity, community and laughter."
"Thank you for having made such a difference in my life through yoga, just being yourself, and for allowing all of us mothers to connect on such a profound level."


Got stress? Everyone can meditate. No experience necessary. The practice of focusing and calming the mind is beneficial for anyone living in our modern world. Various introductory techniques are offered including mindfulness, breathing, mantra, mudra, silence. Positions include seated, reclined, and even walking meditation.

workplace yoga and/or meditation

Productivity, workplace culture and retention are some of the reasons that employers offer meditation and yoga classes at work.

yoga for kids

Go on an imaginative yoga adventure, relax, sing songs and play games. 
Kids have so much fun they don't realize they are developing calm & focused minds, growing strong bodies, improving balance, acknowledging feelings, allowing imaginations to blossom, and creating inner awareness and confidence! I approach teaching children with deep respect for the big souls in their little bodies.

parent tot yoga

Mobile babies and kids up to 3 years old use the whole world as their yoga mat! New parents will tone, strengthen and breathe. Cultivate an open mind, a peaceful heart and a sense of humor in this fun class focusing on the parent’s need to reconnect with their center, and child's need for independent discovery. We sing songs and fly and somehow sneak in a dynamic yoga practice.
Dads welcome! Toys you can share are invited.

"Rocco was singing 'bend and stretch' this morning."

prenatal yoga

Embrace the gift of giving life! In a friendly, supportive environment, prepare for one of life's most profound physical and emotional experiences.  Gently awaken the body, mind and spirit to the wisdom all birth parents share.  Yoga and meditation develop our awareness, inner peace and strength, as we breathe through a conscious pregnancy and labor and the transformation to parenting.  For all levels and all trimesters.

"I want you to know how special your class has been over these past 9 months. Your spirit centers me and I am so happy to have found such a great class and fantastic instructor... I could go on and on about the class, really. I am so thankful that it has been a part of my pregnancy!"
"I LOVED your class for prenatal... I have recommended you up & down the city... I am so grateful & can joyfully say I had an amazing almost pain free labor & birth starting at 2:35pm and ending at 5:14pm!!!  I just made it to the birthing center on time and gave birth standing up, with my sneakers still on and pants around my ankles!"
"Your class really helped prepare me for labor - the onset and through the contractions."
"Thank you very much for your wonderful class. I can't say this enough because I really feel excellent after your class. Your yoga class was so helpful during my pregnancy and even after the birth. It was like water and air, an essential thing for me. I’ll definitely continue doing yoga. Thanks again for introducing me to yoga in a very positive and beautiful way." 

kundalini yoga and meditation

Recharge your body, increase energy and reduce stress, while you center your mind and elevate your spirit. Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is a dynamic and powerful practice designed to awaken the creative potential within. It's a blend of moving, breathing, deep relaxation, sound current and meditation which takes those who practice it on the path to personal transformation, inner peace and bliss! All levels are welcome. This class will meet you where you are willing to transform, so you can discover your limitless potential. 
 "I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it so well balanced physically and spiritually."
"The way she teaches -- direct, clear, nothing extra but nothing held back, lets the yoga do the work and tells you just what is helpful to give you/ bring you back to/ focus and intention." 

"Kundalini is a beautiful heart opening yoga and I've loved all the classes."

stretch and release

Inspired by Jill Miller.