Compassion Flow Yoga

Is suffering holding you back from living peacefully?

What if you could move through your physical and emotional suffering with more freedom, like a flowing stream?

  • What if you could unlock space to breathe more fully?

  • What if you felt more playful in your body?

  • What if your heart found the courage to stay open, even though the world is a sh*tshow?

Gently flowing yoga, embodied lovingkindness, and self-compassion relaxation are here for you in this on-demand video course. 

This flowing 6 class series will remind you that you are love. You have so much to give to yourself, your relationships, and the world. 

Each class includes an embodied lovingkindness flow. You'll explore novel, playful movement to ground you and hydrate your joints and connective tissues. You'll release the tension that adds to your discomfort.

Features of the self-paced course:

❤️ 6 full-length yoga class videos designed to help you experience compassion in your heart, your mind, and your body.

  • Yoga for Curiosity and Compassion
  • Yoga Rooted in Compassion
  • Yoga for Clarity and Optimism
  • Yoga for a Flexible Spine
  • Yoga to Ease Your Joints
  • Yoga for Leg & Hip Release

❤️ 1 shorter yoga class to establish daily practice:

  • Gentle Yoga Flow to Embody Loving Kindness

*Accessibility: This series is video-only - no transcripts or captions. 
Slow sun salutations move from standing to the floor and back.

Guarantee: If you don't like it, let me know within 7 days and I'll refund you.

Moving my body always makes things better for me. I have anxiety. I probably had it before the pandemic, but post-pandemic it is far worse. The tools that you give us, whether it's through breath or movement or mindset, help me deal with that.

-Meghan W.

I was feeling stiffness in my lower back. As class progressed, I felt the stiffness dissipate.

-Donna H.

With Kate, you’ll be in really good hands, and feel comfortable. Her approach is soothing, while still getting right to the work. She’s very knowledgeable, and has a way of teaching acceptance with gentleness, curiosity, and compassion.

-Emily G.

$35.00 USD