New Year's Day Restorative Yoga and Journaling Ritual for Clear Vision

Dec 22, 2023
Trust this process to guide you towards love and truth in the New Year.

Would you like to begin 2024 feeling peaceful, clear, and connected to your purpose?

Here’s my end of year journaling ritual, which I pair with restorative yoga.

Take it at your pace.

Take whatever part of this ritual is helpful and leave the rest. If you prefer to meditate and reflect, there's no need to write or draw. If you want to skip the asana (yoga postures), that is also fine. Simply sit with your breath. If you prefer to do the end of year ritual on the winter solstice, I highly recommend that too.

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Gather Cozy Props. Everything is Optional:

  • Your coziest pjs
  • Cushions and blankets
  • Yoga mat and blocks if you have them
  • Something to write or draw with

Use this process to guide yourself inward. Open, and then listen to, your supported heart. Trust it to guide you towards love and truth in the New Year. 

Reclined Heart Opener

Lie back over cushions supporting your upper back and head. Check that your chest feels open and lifted, your lower back neutral and comfortable. Cover up with a cozy blanket.

Breathe in and out of your heart. 

When you're ready, roll to your side. Then ease up to sitting.

How is your heart? Get quiet. As a feeling arises, label it without judgment. 

  • Ask your heart, “How can I support you?”
  • Ask your body, “How can I support you?”
  • Ask your mind, “How can I support you?”
  • What is the biggest gift in your life right now? 

“I feel like I am entering the new year building on my strengths, rather than clearing aside old habits and pledging to start from scratch! I know that my yoga practice, and your teaching, made the difference.”

-Jeanmarie M., Compassion Club Member

Prone Belly Breathing

Lie on your belly to encourage digestion of not just food, but also experiences. Breathe to your belly. 

As you metabolize your accumulated stress, it is like wiping away dust from a windowpane. Clarity affords us the ability to see reality. Viveka (Sanskrit) is discrimination and clear vision. When you see clearly, the obstacles to love and truth are wiped away. 

When you’re ready, press your hands down and press your hips back to child’s pose, or ease right up to sitting. 

Look back at the year with clear vision — Viveka.

  • What memory are you grateful for?
  • Think of a struggle you had this year.
  • What about that struggle makes you grateful?
  • What gives you pleasure that you can expand this coming year?

Side Lying Savasana

Lie on your side in a cozy fetal position. Support your head. Go through your body, inviting each part of you to relax and settle into gravity. If you like, you can listen to a guided body scan.

When you notice that you feel rigid, unclench that part of your body. You may choose to intentionally tighten your muscles from head to toe to help them remember how to release. 

Sit when you are ready. Look forward with clear vision, and meditate or write.

You don’t need any more prompts.

Trust your supported heart to guide you towards love and truth.


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