New Year's Day Yoga, Purpose,
& Pajamas

Settle into cozy support. You will move gently, breathe mindfully, and connect with your purpose for 2023.

This workshop will be live on Zoom
1-2pm EST, and a replay will be provided.


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Guide Yourself Inward

Feel cozy and supported as you practice with a welcoming group. Trust your heart to guide you towards love and truth in the New Year. 

  • Move gently
  • Breathe mindfully
  • Connect with your purpose for 2023⁠

“I feel like I am entering the new year building on my strengths, rather than clearing aside old habits and pledging to start from scratch! I know that my yoga practice, and your teaching, made the difference.”

-Jeanmarie M.

Gather Cozy Props 

Workshop Checklist:

  • Your coziest pjs
  • Cushions and blankets
  • Yoga mat and blocks if you have them
  • Something to write or draw with
  • The email with the Zoom link

Everything is optional. Roll out of bed, brew your favorite warm beverage, and you're ready. 

Invite Your Loved Ones to Join You

It's free, and anyone can join. Just send humans to this page to sign up.

Pets are expected!

Hi, I'm Kate! 




"Kate's gentle spirit and tranquil tone invited me to experience clarity, release, and relaxation. I felt held."

-Katie D.

I'm an inclusive yoga and meditation teacher for deeply feeling, empathetic people who are ready to take themselves off the back burner.

I love teaching simple calming tools that you can access no matter how chaotic your life is. 

My little neurodiverse family lives in a magical land called Brooklyn, AKA Lenape Territory. 

Healthy Happy Yoga is a welcoming online space to breathe and open up to connection. We’re breaking cycles to co-create a more inclusive future.

"You have the biggest heart of anyone I know."

-Robin E.







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New Year's Day yoga workshop on January 1 at 1pm EST.

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