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Winter Solstice Journal Prompts

Dec 17, 2021

This year I can't plan a gathering for Winter Solstice, but I can share my ritual with you...

How has your month been so far?

My December has been packed with behind-the-scenes creating and planning. Although I've been taking a social media break, I'm still managing to stay busy enough to avoid my own inner work.

When I notice that, I turn to journaling.


Here's a simplified version of my self-reflection ritual. These prompts are less about looking back and reflecting, and more about envisioning and initiating through the fire of transformation. We are bringing light to darkness on the longest night. I use a candle. You can light a fire and do some Trāṭaka, or gazing meditation. When I'm ready, I ask myself one question at a time, and write whatever comes to the surface:

  • What fires me up?
  • What inspires me?  
  • What are my core values?  
  • What do I need to create, in order to serve my values?  
  • Who do I need to become, in order to serve my values?  
  • When I am aligned with my values, what is my intention?  
  • What limiting beliefs and obstacles are arising?  
  • How does my shadow side need to express itself? 

I write my obstacles on tiny strips of paper, invite them to enlighten me, and pause. Obstacles may be personal, interpersonal or systemic. More obstacles often arise as I gaze quietly into the flame, and it may take several rounds before I feel clear. Then I burn them all up! I find it very satisfying.

Post your values, intention and whatever else inspires you somewhere prominent.

You could use the prompts without the candle, but if you do bring fire into your ritual, be safe! Let me know if you incorporate any part of this ritual into your solstice. I'll be thinking of you.

We continue our journaling and intention setting all year round. The 6-week Yoga for Intention Series offers gentle yoga and journaling to de-stress and align with your core values. 

Move and breathe to awaken mindful self-acceptance and ignite compassionate action. You're invited to join us HERE or find the right series for you HERE.


Kate Lynch (she/her): Parent of an amazing atypical kid, inclusive yoga and mindfulness coach, and author. Her little neurodiverse family lives in a magical land called Brooklyn.



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