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Healthy Happy Yoga is dedicated to creating a more inclusive future through connection, mutual support and compassionate action.

Private Yoga & Coaching

 I look forward to supporting your journey! 

Use the button below to schedule a half hour chat.
We will get to know each other, and if we decide to work together we’ll go from there:

30 Minute Consultation

“With Kate, you’ll be in really good hands, and feel comfortable. Her approach is soothing, while still getting right to the work. She’s very knowledgeable, and has a way of teaching acceptance with gentleness, curiosity, and compassion.”

— Emily G.

Eric R.

"Kate’s classes give us time to experience our bodies. Her instructions are clear and precise."

Jeanmarie M.

"The more I make myself a priority, the better I show up in the world."

Donna H.

"I was so resistant to virtual yoga, and I'm so glad I was able to get over that because it's just so enjoyable."

Small Group Yoga in Brooklyn

Want to move and breathe in physical proximity with humans?

Gather at BAX in Park Slope Brooklyn for gentle, judgment-free yoga. 
Kate will support you with tons of personal attention and customization for your unique needs.

Drop-in rates are available!

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The Compassion Club

The online therapeutic yoga membership for highly sensitive people who want customized support, encouragement, and connection, so they can get off the back burner and experience energy and calm.

"I know if I can just drag myself there, it will be gentle, and I will feel better."  
  • Consistent live classes and replays give you structure and encouragement during chaotic times. 

  • By practicing regularly, you'll be more present in your life, no matter how overwhelming it is.

  • Your body will feel better too! The yoga is gentle and customized to your needs. 

  • When you feel stresses mounting with kids or other responsibilities, you'll remember to return to your center.

  • You'll forge connections with other members having a similar experience, in a nourishing community. 
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"I value the opportunity to practice and connect 3 times a week and the freedom to skip when life has other priorities, I can watch the replay or not."

— Suzan J.

“The way she teaches - direct, clear, nothing extra but nothing held back, lets the yoga do the work and tells you just what is helpful to give you focus and intention.”

— Ricki G.

Stop Walking On Eggshells!

Gentle yoga to release your stress and shift your mindset about struggle.

As a child, I thought I had to manage everyone else's feelings or our tenuous world would fall apart. Gentle yoga and mindset shifts have helped with healing that part of me. 

I want the same relief for you. 

If you're a highly sensitive person, and other people's stress feels like too much, these gentle yoga practices can help you ground yourself.

Of course you'll keep caring about your loved ones, you'll just stop walking on eggshells around them.

So many people endure their debilitating stress as if it's inevitable, but you CAN do something about it. This FREE 27 minute gentle yoga practice can help you release.

I'll protect your privacy fiercely