Willpower Isn't the Problem, It's Your Unrealistic Self-Care Expectations

Jan 13, 2023
I want you to have a supportive community too, so you can experience joyful self-care more quickly and easily than I did.

I used to beat myself up for not meeting my self-care goals, because I thought it reflected on my character.

I wasted a lot of time thinking I lacked willpower. 

I used to bite off more than I could chew and then beat myself up for not meeting my unrealistic self-care goals, because I thought that was a reflection on my character. 

Well, it turns out I don’t know everything. 😆

The truth is, everyone who makes worthwhile goals fails in their goals (more often than not). All this means is we are human, nothing more.

If you reach and try, you will miss sometimes. It’s human.

But since I’d spent soooo much time thinking I was somehow flawed and missing the willpower gene ...it’s not like I could change my old habits overnight. 

(I still beat myself up sometimes, just a lot less often.)

The biggest difference is that now I have a supportive community who doesn't judge me. That community has given me the courage to fly. 🦅

I want you to have a supportive community too, so you can experience joyful self-care more quickly and easily than I did. 

I want you to:

  • Give yourself grace when you hear your inner critic.
  • Trust yourself to know what support you need.
  • And most importantly: value yourself enough to put that support in place. 


The Compassion Club is the result of me:

  1. buying into the patriarchal self-sacrifice myth,

  2. ➡️ putting my needs last until I was burnt out,

  3. ➡️ relying on willpower alone to hold myself accountable to my goals,

  4. ➡️ failing at that.

And then figuring out that willpower isn’t the problem.

Hear me out...

My experience teaching yoga and meditation for 20+ years and my own struggles (see above) have shown me that it is hard for highly sensitive, empathetic people to consistently prioritize their own self-care.  

Also this:

You may have used up all your willpower in a different area of your life.

Willpower is a finite resource, so if you have a stressful life, you are probably spending it elsewhere before it trickles down to your own needs. So you can't depend on willpower to motivate you.

But we are NOT going to let that stop you.

You might be someone like me, who needs the power of personal connection in order to stay consistent. (NOT willpower.) If so, you’re not alone! We have a whole membership of people whose primary reason to turn up is for each other. (Oh, they like the gentle yoga too.) 

The membership is open for enrollment for the rest of January!

The Compassion Club will give you the support, connection, and encouragement you need to prioritize your self-care, and soar. 🦅

The Compassion Club is for you if you're ready to change what's not working and fall back in love with your life. Before anything else, you need to value yourself enough to put compassionate support in place. Do it before January 31.


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