Feeling That Tug-of-war Between What You Need and What Others Demand of You?

Jan 05, 2024
That Tug-of-war Between What You Need and What Others Demand of You

"Trying to make time for self-care feels like an internal tug-of-war between what I need and what I should do."


Oh, those shoulds! 🤯

I want to share these 3 pretty common thoughts about time and self-care, in case you can relate. (I've had these 2023 thoughts myself, plenty of times!)

Also, some 2024 thoughts you can borrow and try on for size...

  1. 2023 thought: It's as if there's a constant tug-of-war between what I need and what others demand of me. 
    2024 thought: That tug-of-war was draining my energy and making me resentful, so I walked away from it. Others are always going to ask a lot of me, because they know they can count on me, and that’s great! But just like I honor their needs and requests, I have to honor my own feelings and needs. I’m still a helpful, loving person. I’m just more in tune with myself now.

  2. 2023 thought: Finding even a moment for myself seems like an elusive dream. 
    2024 thought: I found that moment for myself! It was there all along. I just decided I was ready to stop numbing out and start listening to my body’s cries for help. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.

  3. 2023 thought: Every day is a whirlwind of obligations and responsibilities, leaving me with little left for self-care. It feels nearly impossible to carve out time and muster the energy to invest in myself. 
    2024 thought: It IS possible, and here’s how I’m doing it: I start the day with my self-care micro-habit, and that gives me the win I need to get through the challenges and responsibilities of my day. I look forward to the live classes and replays in our online yoga membership, because they ground me. When I’m busy, I keep that 30 minutes on my schedule, because I know I’ll feel better after moving my body.

You CAN walk away from the tug-of-war, while still honoring your responsibilities and commitments. Yes, I can show you how. 

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