Making Empowered Choices in the New Year

Jan 06, 2023

On top of the usual stresses around the new year, winter, and the darker time of year, less daylight, there's the added stress of worry about getting sick. And this has always been the case, but now there's more, and there are triggers and trauma around it.

Just knowing you're not alone may not be all of it, but that awareness can help.

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And these kind of mental calculations that we're doing are very personal and I just invite you to really check in with your own body; what it's telling you when you have decisions to make around, you know how to proceed. Don't ever feel pressured to do something that's outside of your comfort zone.

And please remember, there's next year and there's the year after that. I just wanna put that out there, that when we make choices that are aligned with with our values, when we make those choices from an empowered place, then we can really show up for and enjoy the things we have decided to. do So rather than trying to do everything, if we pick and choose and do it the way that feels comfortable, then we can be settled, we can be present, and we can really show up joyfully in those spaces.

Invite you to take a minute in stillness and silence.

Start to take some deeper breaths.

Move in a way that feels nourishing and empowering.

So often we are trying to reach for all the little points of light in order to find that experience of joy. And I'll just invite you to, instead of reaching for everything, find those points, those opportunities that are the brightest and most, most magnetic for you. You can really put your awareness and your presence into those and you can have joy from anticipating the activities or the events that you're choosing really mindfully.

So you'll have the joy of anticipating, you'll have the joy of being present there. And then you can also have the joy of the memory of it. Enjoying that. So we can do less and have just as much joy. Put a hand on heart.

Breathe in and out of your heart.

If there's a message that you would like to share with yourself, from your heart, to your mind, please do.

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