you’ve been trying to fit self-care into your stressful life

How You Can Fit Self-Care Into Your Stressful Life

Jan 20, 2023

I know you’ve been trying to fit self-care into your stressful life. 

I also know you’re way too busy and struggling to find time for yourself. 

Now I’m gonna make a bold, annoying statement:

If you’re reading this, the Compassion Club can probably make it so you can fit self-care into the life you have, and truly ENJOY it. 

Recently, I was thinking about what I really wish I'd known waaaaaay sooner, which is that the time you spend on self-care will feel worthwhile once you start to love your life. 

And when you start to feel that, and get the connection and support from our welcoming group, you will find the time for it. It isn't about doing it all.

You seriously do NOT need to:

  • Go it alone
  • Berate yourself
  • Wait until your life magically opens up space


Let's Drop the Crap in 2023, and Take Imperfect Action!

You’re definitely not the only person who has waited until conditions are perfect before starting. 🙋‍♀️

But let’s drop that BS in 2023, shall we? Let’s show up messy and take imperfect action together.

Inside the Compassion Club, one of the first things you’re going to do is commit to a new micro-habit. I'll be checking in with you personally about it.

So if you’ve been thinking you can’t refill your cup until you’ve got gobs of time… AND your space is Marie Kondo’d… AND you have anticipated the wants and needs of everyone you love (and a few complete strangers)... 

We’ll be busting through all that self-sacrifice right away with a micro-habit, and then move on to the real juice, which is falling back in love with your body, your mind, and your life. 

Don’t sleep on the Compassion Club. Enrollment is open until January 31. 

 The Compassion Club Is our online therapeutic yoga membership for highly sensitive people who want to fall back in love with their lives. It’s basically my favorite thing I’ve ever created and you can get it here


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