How You Can Fit Self-Care Into Your Stressful Life

Mar 17, 2023
you’ve been trying to fit self-care into your stressful life

I know you’ve been trying to fit self-care into your stressful life. 

I also know you’re way too busy and struggling to find time for yourself. 

Now I’m gonna make a bold, annoying statement:

If you’re reading this, the Compassion Club can probably make it so you can fit self-care into the life you have, and truly ENJOY it. 

Recently, I was thinking about what I really wish I'd known waaaaaay sooner, which is that the time you spend on self-care will feel worthwhile once you start to love your life. 

And when you start to feel that, and get the connection and support from our welcoming group, you will find the time for it. It isn't about doing it all.

You seriously do NOT need to:

  • Go it alone
  • Berate yourself
  • Wait until your life magically opens up space


Let's Drop the Crap and Take Imperfect Action!

You’re definitely not the only person who has waited until conditions are perfect before starting. 🙋‍♀️

But let’s drop that BS, shall we? Let’s show up messy and take imperfect action together.

How to Reclaim Time For Self-Care

10 tips to help you take ownership of your relationship with time, and make time for yourself.

When you fill your own cup, you’ll have more joy to share with your loved ones.

But instead of taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically...

  • You’re bogged down with everyone else’s needs.  

  • Your body hurts and your energy is depleted.

  • You know you’re headed for burnout, but you can’t seem to motivate yourself.

The people we care about will always have needs. There will always be something urgent pulling on our attention. And we still have to take care of ourselves. If not for us, for them. You’ve got to reclaim some time for yourself to recharge, or you’ll be no good to anyone.


Here are 10 ways you can reclaim your time, but first you need to remember that you’re worthy of self-care. Put a hand on your heart and say “I am worthy.” 

Then, pick a tip and try it out:

  1. Know the higher purpose behind your choices. How does knowing your WHY open up more time in your life for self-care? Because you will spend less time on those things that are not aligned with your purpose. Your purpose will inspire your actions!

  2. It’s not a TO-DO, it’s a GET TO DO! Make sure whatever you’re choosing for your self-care is fulfilling and joyful. How does shifting this mindset open up more time in your life for self-care? Because you will put the things you GET TO DO in a separate category from your list of TO-DOs, and you will identify as someone who gets to take care of themself, rather than a victim of stressful circumstances. The to-do list will still get accomplished, because you will have more energy when you feel joyful and fulfilled.

  3. It doesn’t have to look a certain way. It is for you. Your self-care is not a performance! Claim it as yours, and not for anyone else. This is yet another way to shift your mindset. Shake off the capitalist, patriarchal beliefs that keep us small and toiling for others. Take up space, and take time for yourself, unapologetically!

  4. Everything counts, no matter how long it is. When it comes to reclaiming time for self-care, sometimes shorter is better. If you bite off more than you can chew, you may get discouraged and give up. No effort is ever wasted, even a 15 second mindful exhale. Build the habit of self-care in the time you have. You can think of these micro-habits as stepping stones towards reclaiming more time for self-care. Right now, this is the time we have for self-care. It’s good enough!

  5. Use technology. Use calendar 📆 alerts to remind you of your appointment with yourself. Until it becomes a habit, use whatever technology helps you reclaim time for self-care.

  6. Be brutally honest with yourself about the time you have. Got 5 minutes? Do something for 5 minutes. It won’t always be this way, but for right now, it is. Do something that fits the time you have, label it self-care, and celebrate that you did something, despite your obstacles!

  7. How does enlisting a friend help you reclaim more time in your life for self-care?
    Try this if you’re a people pleaser! If you tell a friend your plan, and ask them to hold you accountable, you can hack into the people pleasing part of your your brain to motivate you to stick with your new self-care habit. Sad but true: We are more reluctant to let our friends down than ourselves.

  8. When you decide on a plan, set yourself up ahead of time to reduce “friction,” then you are more likely to reinforce your new habit by taking action and feeling the benefits. How does making decisions in advance open up more time in your life for self-care? Decision making takes time and energy. In that extra step of thinking about it, you could return to an unhelpful habit or to indecision. Don’t sway from your plan.

  9. How does celebrating open up more time in your life for self-care? It will reinforce the habit of finding small windows of time, and inspire you to look for and create more space. Celebration will inspire you to keep going!

  10. Don’t go it alone! Get the support, encouragement, and community available inside The Compassion Club, our therapeutic yoga membership for highly sensitive people. When you fill your own cup, you’ll have more ease and joy to share with your loved ones.

Want to feel more grounded, supported, and relaxed? 

I founded The Compassion Club to give deeply feeling people a soft landing where they can breathe, move, and heal in community. It's a welcoming online space to breathe and open up to connection.

You'll have the tools and consistency you need to care for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

We're a judgment-free yoga community.

The section above was originally posted on my Atypical Kids, Mindful Parents Blog.

Inside the Compassion Club, one of the first things you’re going to do is commit to a new micro-habit. I'll be checking in with you personally about it.

So if you’ve been thinking you can’t refill your cup until you’ve got gobs of time… AND your space is Marie Kondo’d… AND you have anticipated the wants and needs of everyone you love (and a few complete strangers)... 

We’ll be busting through all that self-sacrifice right away with a micro-habit, and then move on to the real juice, which is falling back in love with your body, your mind, and your life. 

The Compassion Club Is our online therapeutic yoga membership for highly sensitive people who want to fall back in love with their lives. It’s basically my favorite thing I’ve ever created and you can get it here. If it's not open right now, join the waitlist and you'll be the first to know!


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