How to Effortlessly Burnout-Proof Your Stressful Life With This 5 Minute Restorative Yoga Video

Jul 29, 2022

Burnout-proof your life with this 5 minute restorative yoga video.

Our culture tells us that doing more more more is better. That's why burnout is so prevalent.

Do you see signs that you're getting close to burnout?

How Burnout is Different From Stress

Burnout is characterized by a loss of enthusiasm, as opposed to stress, which can mirror excitement. Unlike stress, with burnout you might be so exhausted that you feel stuck and/or hopeless. Stress is also exhausting, but you might feel on edge, or reactive.

Have You Had Any of These Thoughts? You Might Be Burned Out.

If you've had any combination of these thoughts, you might be experiencing burnout:

  1. How can I get through the day?
  2. I can't do this anymore.
  3. I can’t keep up.
  4. What is wrong with me?
  5. I can’t think straight.

Do you believe you may be experiencing burnout? I'm not surprised, our culture demands too much of us while stigmatizing rest. Burnout may stem from your career or your parenting or caregiving, but it can dramatically impact every aspect of your life, including your health, well-being and relationships.  Burnout is so prevalent in our culture, because we don't value rest. Rest is not a dirty word! Rest is more productive than we think.

Rest is Productive

You don't need to spend hours at a spa or yoga studio to prevent burnout. You can take regular, short mindfulness breaks. Restorative yoga postures can help you bring mindful attention to your body during relaxation, so the time you rest will have a longer-lasting impact on your nervous system. 

Rebuild Your Nervous System and Then Become Part of Systemic Change 

Once you are completely depleted, it may take more than 5 minutes a day to restore your energy and enthusiasm. I don't suggest focusing on productivity or a strict timeline for your recovery from burnout. You will need to learn to ask for help, be patient and rebuild trust in yourself. I see burnout as a wake up call. You have new awareness of your own needs, and now you know what happens if you ignore those needs. If you betrayed a friend, it would take time for the relationship to repair, and hopefully things won't go back to how they were before the rupture. It is the same when we betray our friendship with our own nervous system. You will need better boundaries and listening going forward. 

Here's a short restorative yoga practice to burnout-proof your life:

If you see burnout catching up to you, start listening to your body now. Honor your inner voice, and listen to learn what it needs. If you aren't used to getting quiet, set a timer, try a restorative posture, or hit play on the video below. Silence your notifications and soften your expectations. Invite your inner critic to take a vacation.

Start by lying on your back in legs up the wall or couch (viparita karani) with your hips at least a foot away from the wall. Feel free to put a folded blanket or thin pillow under your head.  Cross one ankle over the opposite thigh with no more than 60% of effort or stretch.  

Our culture tells us that stretching more deeply, or doing more more more is better. That's why burnout is so prevalent in this culture... Even if we're still buying into this productivity culture, rest is actually much more productive than we think. We keep learning more and more about the productivity of relaxation and playfulness. Pause and be aware, for the sake of your future self if nothing else.

Bring mindful attention to discomfort without trying to change anything. When you get some perspective, that will have a positive effect other areas of your life. 

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