3 Fun, Quick Tips to Help You Feel More Focused

Dec 02, 2022
3 quick, fun tips you can do anywhere to boost your focus and bust brain fog.

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Here's why I care about brain fog:

I noticed I was a lot more distracted and disorganized than usual. I would walk into a room and forget why I had gone there. I was struggling with focus, and when I asked my students I discovered that I was not alone.

I have been more forgetful than usual lately, and going down ALL the rabbit holes. 

How about you?

Have you started a variety of projects, but you're having trouble completing them? Do you walk into a room... and then forget why? Is there a word on the tip of your tongue, and you just can't quite access it? Do you feel more lethargic or hazy? Stress can impact our ability to think clearly. 

Are You Feeling Scattered or Distracted?

I started using these fun, quick movement breaks to stimulate my brain, and they are helping! These are the exercises that helped me experience more clarity and focus.

Mindfulness and simple movement breaks can support your brain health too. 

Here are 3 simple tips you can try anywhere to boost your focus and bust brain fog. 


Frontal Lobe Tap

This tip is super simple. You can do it anytime that you're like, "Wait, why did I walk into this room again? What was I supposed to be doing?"

Start by observing your mind, non-judgmentally. Ask, "what's the quality of my mind right now?" Don't judge your mind, just be curious.

Tap the center line of your forehead with your finger pads gently. Tapping harder doesn't make it better. It should feel nice and satisfying. Not painful, and not tickly. Tap your forehead gently.

We're inviting our frontal lobe to come online. The frontal lobe is the part of our brains that is the planner, the control tower. If this feels good, you could do it for a little while. That's it. 

Then pause.

Now again, observe your mind. If nothing changed, that's okay. You are just practicing paying attention to your mind.


Release Neck and Jaw Tension

Our brains weigh about as much as a bowling ball!

Sometimes we hold unconscious tension in our neck and jaw just from holding up our heads all day. In case you've been staring at a screen, your head might be more forward, so let's do a little neck and jaw release.

Observe your mind, non-judgmentally.

Take your hand, split your fingers like a Vulcan salute (separate your middle and ring fingers). Reach to the opposite ear with those fingers, and slide your hand up and down either side of your ear. Then rub along your jawline and the side of your neck.

While you're doing this, you can look up and away, and you can yawn.

Now take that same hand and move down a little further torub just under your collarbone.

Then with that same hand, reach across and find your shrugger muscle. It's the muscle that moves your shoulder up when you're really stressed. So squeeze that muscle as firmly as you can.

Relax that hand.

Take your other hand and do the same thing: Slide your fingers either side of your ear up and down. You can look up and away and you can yawn. Yawing helps us release a lot of tension.

And then let your fingers come down the side of your neck until you get just underneath your collarbone. You can go on the outside of your shirt or you can slide your fingers just under your shirt, underneath your collarbone.

Then reach across and grab that big muscle at the top of your shoulder. Give that muscle a good squeeze. You decide how much pressure. 

Now take your finger pads to the base of your skull. Separate your back teeth and draw little circles on the base of your skull with your finger pads. I a yawn happens, that's a really good sign.

Non-judgmentally observe your mind. 


Draw Figure Eights

The brain has two hemispheres. There are connections between them, and this practice is said to help strengthen those connections. It helps us cross the midline. Before you start, get curious about the quality of your mind, non-judgmentally.

You can stand or sit. Look at your finger and watch your finger draw a figure eight, like an infinity symbol. You can make it slow or fast, it doesn't matter. Now draw the figure eight the other way.

Make sure that your eyes stay on your fingertip, and that you're crossing the midline of your body as you do this. If it makes you a little dizzy, you're not alone.

Pause and breathe. You might want to close your eyes for a moment. 

Again, non-judgmentally observe your mind. Ask yourself, "what's the quality of my mind right now?" 

It can be hard to practice something new, so I'm really glad you tried these tips. 

I hope that you've been able to gain a little more confidence in your ability to concentrate, that you've found something that helps you feel more focused, and at the very least that you know you're not alone in your challenges.

You can keep practicing these tips any time. The benefits to your brain will grow with practice. Would you like more?

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