Creating Calm in The Compassion Club: 6 Strategies to Thrive

Sep 22, 2023
These 6 Strategies Are Exactly How You Will Create Calm and Courage

I'm sharing the strategies with you that have helped me calm my own highly sensitive nervous system.

The Compassion Club is your haven for authentic well-being, where you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and renewal. This unique membership draws on my two decades of teaching experience, and a strong commitment to values like inclusion, integrity, equity, empathy, and respect. 

These 6 Strategies Are Exactly How You Will Create Calm & Courage In The Compassion Club:

As you dive into The Compassion Club, it's essential to understand not just what we do but why we do it. This knowledge is the foundation of our community, where discussion and inquiry are encouraged, and your reflections and questions are warmly welcomed.

So, what are the key strategies that inform The Compassion Club and help create a sense of calm and courage within the cozy container of community? 

  1. Inclusivity and Non-Hierarchical Approach: 
    In The Compassion Club, I'm guided by Mary Oliver's words, "My work is loving the world." I believe it's crucial for you to know where I stand so you can decide if I'm the right guide you. Inclusivity is our guiding principle, and I invite you to hold me accountable if I ever stray from this path. Our judgment-free, body-positive, anti-racist, anti-ableist, LGBTQIA-affirming, and intersectionality-aware approach reflects our commitment to justice and equity. We're cycle-breakers. We know as humans we'll falter at times, but as humans we'll also keep growing, and we won't let shame hold us back from loving the world.

  2. Trauma-Informed Teaching Inspired by Polyvagal Theory:
    I teach with a deep understanding of trauma, its impact, and the somatic techniques that support post-traumatic growth. Mindful movement enhances your body awareness and sensitivity to your personal body boundaries. In other words, we use the practice to get into our bodies. Connection, choice, and context are essential elements of the therapeutic relationship, and I weave them into every practice.
    Connection: Our relationship-based practices emphasize customization and regular check-ins. Choice: You'll build body agency, empowered by variations and invitational language.
    Context: You'll connect to the present moment, and understand the relevance of each practice. 
    Your consistent practice will create space for you to follow the thread of your inner knowing outward, and back inward.

  3. Embracing Fun: Life can be serious, but we believe in the power of joy and play. I model a growth mindset and encourage you not to take yourself too seriously. Our practices are designed to help you get out of your head and into your body. We celebrate the transformative potential of play, joy, and rest. 

  4. Infusing Self-Compassion: Mindful self-compassion is a daily practice here in The Compassion Club. We actively seek opportunities to recognize our quiet feelings, allow them space to be, and then investigate gently into the messages our emotions carry. Then we nurture our inner selves as we would a beloved or best friend. As we saturate ourselves with self-compassion, it establishes itself as a central part of our identity. We know this foundation is what empowers us toward authentic and sustainable compassion for others. It's a vital part of our well-being. 

  5. Respecting Yoga's Roots: Beyond physical postures, yoga encompasses body agency, mental stillness, and honoring the lineage of wisdom from South Asia. We quell mental fluctuations through mindfulness. We believe that no effort is ever wasted, and self-honoring leads to compassionate action. Social justice, equity, and trauma-informed practices are intrinsic to yoga. 

  6. Conscious Community: In our community, you'll be seen and accepted for who you are. Feeling safe enables vulnerability, which in turn fosters courage.When you are courageous you can challenge yourself. When you challenge yourself enough you will eventually fail. And when you fail, The Compassion Club is your soft landing where you are seen and accepted for who you are. Mistakes are embraced as opportunities for growth, building resilience. We practice the art of active listening with each other - another tool in our quiver of heart-opening practices.

In The Compassion Club, we're not just creating calm; we're fostering an inclusive space for courage, connection, well-being, and transformation. Join us, and we'll explore these strategies together as we navigate the complexities of life with mindfulness, compassion, and joy. 

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