Embrace Your Inner Menagerie: Exploring Your Neglected Parts

Jan 26, 2024

Squirrel Brain, or Sloth?

Embracing the Forgotten Parts of You for Personal Growth

Do you ever feel like an anxious Chihuahua? An owl, a possum, a playful kitten? Watch this 3 minute video! 

Presence isn't always neutral.

Lions and tigers and bears... and sloths and squirrels? We all have different parts of us, but if one has been hogging all the attention, the others may start to act up. The kitten might start pouncing on your ankles. The chihuahua might get extra anxious.

None of these parts is bad, but if the squirrels have been running the show for a super long time, who else wants to take up some space in your mind?

Feeling crowded with different aspects of yourself competing for attention? 

Whether it's your creative squirrel brain, slow sloth brain, or social Labrador, give each part the attention it's craving. Take a moment to notice which part of you might be feeling left out. 

By acknowledging all parts of yourself, you can prevent any one aspect from acting up. Embrace the different facets of your mind menagerie, and give each one the spotlight they deserve. 


Presence is not always calm. Presence isn't always neutral. Sometimes when we're present we notice things that are challenging, uncomfortable, or even crowded. We might have a sense of, almost like a menagerie of different parts of ourselves or aspects competing for the limelight.

I'm just going to throw out some images.

If your squirrel brain has been really taking center stage and it's been fun and exciting to get creative and messy, is there another part of you that has been feeling a little left out?

If your sloth brain has been slow and taking its time... maybe very thoughtful... 

Is there another part that would like some space and attention now.

If you have been, for example, a Labrador or a St. Bernard for a while, very social and easy going.

Maybe you need a little time to rest back and be a sloth.

Think of who comes up in your menagerie.

An owl, a possum, maybe a playful kitten?

We have all these different parts of us, but which one hasn't had much attention and is hoping to be seen?

Because what happens if that part of us doesn't get seen is they start to act up. The kitten might start pouncing on your ankles.

Sometimes we get sick.

Sometimes we start to feel like a Chihuahua, and get very anxious.

None of these parts of us is bad.

But if the squirrels have been running the show for a super long time, who else wants to come in? 

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