Take a Savasanap Online, Where No One Can Hear You Snore

Jan 17, 2023
Online, nobody can hear you snore. 

If you’re like me, you’re a little bit sleep deprived.

 Or a lot.

It could be the demands of your busy life, it could be anxiety, but once your body relaxes a little from your hyper-vigilant state, you realize how exhausted you are. 

This leads me to share with you… possibly THE greatest benefit of Zoom yoga! 😅

Have you ever fallen asleep during deep relaxation in a yoga class, only to have your own snore wake you up? Or worse: the person on the next mat sawing loudly in your ear? 

But online, you’re muted, so nobody can hear you snore, and you won’t hear anyone else snore either. Hehe. 😅

My POV: If you fall asleep during deep relaxation at the end of a yoga class, that’s because you need sleep more than anything else.

It is a good sign when you are able to fall asleep:
It means your nervous system feels safe enough. 

I call this the SAVASANAP, and I highly recommend it. 

When we’re chronically overtired, we can’t see how simple and quick it can be to refresh and reset our nervous system. It really doesn't take long.

In my membership, I will remind you at the end of every class that you have choices: You can turn me off to keep relaxing, ignore my voice and stay where you are, or start moving slowly to wake yourself up. There is never any judgment placed on any of those choices. Especially online, where no one can hear you snore!

Take a Savasanap, But Don’t Sleep on This Chance to Join the Compassion Club

Here are a FEW of the SAVASANAP opportunities I provide:

  1. Live Zooms where everyone but me is muted during relaxation. 
  2. Replays and on-demand videos where you get to decide how fast or slow to playback the recording, and you can SKIP TO THE END FOR A SAVASANAP!
  3. An entire sleep course is waiting for you inside the membership, full of techniques to help you get better rest, like restorative yoga you can do before bed, body scans, and yoga nidra recordings you can listen to in bed to help you fall asleep (or get back to sleep).

All of this is waiting for you inside the Compassion Club.

The Compassion Club is my therapeutic yoga membership where you can SAVASANAP to your heart’s content. 😴 You’ll relax deeply without having to listen to someone snoring on the next mat over, or having to worry about anyone in class hearing you snore. 

(I mean, we love you no matter what, but it’s nice to not have to worry about it.)

If your life right now means you have no choice but to put your needs on the back burner, does a nourishing deep relaxation feel like THE SOLUTION?

Maybe not.

It may feel inconsequential in the face of capitalism, ableism, and the pandemic of anxiety. Or in the face of your personal suffering.

But it is SOMETHING. And it's probably more helpful than that peppermint mocha you're reaching for. 

You may be surprised how much more energy, focus, and patience you have after some gentle movement followed by an expertly guided, nourishing nap.


SAVASANAP is just ONE of my solutions to anxiety/hyper-vigilance/exhaustion stemming from a life of too much worry and isolation, and not enough support and self-care. I've got LOTS of tools for you.

The Compassion Club is open for enrollment until January 31.

On Saturdays I treat Compassion Club members to a long, guided SAVASANAP after yoga, in the comfort of their own homes (pets and kids are optional). Then I send out the replay. 

Don’t sleep on the Compassion Club!

Stop Walking On Eggshells!

Gentle yoga to release your stress and shift your mindset about struggle.

If you get your buttons pushed often by other people's issues, you may be hypervigilant. You might feel it in your body as clenching, tension, or chronic pain.

You'll become more grounded in awareness of your body.

Stop Walking On Eggshells