8 Honest Answers to Your Questions About the Compassion Club Yoga Membership

Mar 24, 2023

These Are the Most Frequent Questions I Get Asked About the Compassion Club


Question 1: Is it worth it if I can't join live?

Yes, you are worth it no matter how you access the membership.

I have students who only attend live events and never use the online library or replays.
I have students I have never seen live, because they need more flexibility or live in other timezones. For them, the replays work best.
They all get a ton of value from the membership. 

I don't expect that anyone will attend all of the live sessions every month. 

Think of the Compassion Club like a gym membership.

You don't expect to use every piece of equipment. You make a plan that works for your goals, use what you need to feel fulfilled, and get encouragement to follow your plan.

As a member, you will make the Compassion Club your own. The membership is a great value as long as you are experiencing positive change and a sense of belonging. 

You don't have to show up live to make it worthwhile. You can submit requests in advance via email, and replays are available for 2 weeks.

FYI, no one cares if your house is messy or how your hair looks, but also you are welcome to keep your video off. Communicate whatever way you are comfortable.

We've created a welcoming online space. Those who enter the membership are ready to grow together. We're here for you, and...



Question 2: I am coming back to yoga after a long break. Is this membership right for me?

Yes! And you're not alone.

The yoga is gentle and personalized to your needs.

You'll start where you're at. We will move slowly enough that you can remember how to listen to your body.

I have students taking special care of injuries, recovering from surgery, and experiencing burnout. 

I also have students feeling fantastic, self-realized, sneaking in extra push-ups, transforming their lives and breaking cycles. (These are the same students, depending on the day!)

Self-compassion and breathing are simple but transformative tools that anyone can access.

I offer a LOT of variations, and respond to your specific needs. You will feel right at home.

Question 3: I just want a workout. Are your classes right for me?

To be honest, probably not. We move and flow, but it is slow and mindful. 

"Although the yoga is gentle, I do feel stronger after the class and also more relaxed...
If a heavy workout is what you have in mind, it might not be right for you."
-Lisa M.

Even if you come for a workout, your nervous system and emotional balance is likely to change. You'll learn therapeutic, trauma-sensitive practices to tone your nervous system and build resilience to stress and anxiety, breath by breath.

Side-effects of this work include more ease in your body, but also vulnerability and courage.

I have a strict no-judgment policy, and if I hear you criticizing yourself, I will call you out on it. I believe in health at every size. If you're not comfortable with that, I understand, and wish you well.

There are many teachers who can fulfill the need for a workout.

I am focused on co-creating a more inclusive world, and cultivating everyday joy.


Question 4: If you get sick, do you offer makeup classes?

What happens when you get sick, or are unable to lead one of the scheduled classes? Do you offer makeup classes?

That is a tough one because it has never happened. Since I set the schedule, I set it around school breaks and vacations and things like that. When I am on vacation, there is a wonderful yoga teacher named Suzan who is in the Compassion Club. She fills in a few times a year. And I'm sure she would jump in if I ever did get so sick that I couldn't teach.

Generally I'm happy to show up with you guys no matter what.
It isn’t draining, since I’m not performing, I’m being myself.

Also, there is just so much yoga I don’t think you will feel deprived. The main concern from members is that there's too much and it's overwhelming. (See answer #1!)

That said, if you wanted a makeup, I would be happy to do it!


Question 5: What is Justice-Based Sliding Scale?

My vision is to co-create a more empathetic and equitable world, breath by breath.

Will you join me?  

The justice-based sliding scale pricing structure makes our membership more financially inclusive.

Use this infographic to locate yourself on the sliding scale. 

Every tier on the sliding scale has the same access (except for the private plan). It operates on an honor system, and I give scholarships when I can. 

You can feel good about your payment tier, because it makes the membership more equitable, and supporting me = supporting a values-driven small business!


Question 6: What's your refund policy?

If the Compassion Club isn't right for you, I make it super easy for you to cancel, and no, it won't hurt my feelings.

I don't want you to be charged for something you won't use, so be sure to cancel before your renewal date! 

Right inside the first module under "How to Cancel Your Subscription" are the exact steps to cancel your membership before the week is up. You won't be charged unless you decide to stay on. There are truly no strings. 

If you forget to cancel within 7 days, I can not give refunds, because there is immense value immediately available to you when you join.

The monthly membership can be canceled any time, and you will have access until the end of your billing cycle.


Question 7: All this tech is confusing!

I felt the same way! 

It will get easier, because you have me to guide you. I have made every possible tech blunder. 

Technology is what allows us to connect from all over the world from the comfort of our homes. I hope you won't let overwhelm hold you back from trying. 

I'm here to answer whatever questions come up. 


Question 8: What is this new Private Plan?

Thank you for noticing!

If you want the highest level of personal support from me, this is it. You get 2 private online yoga and meditation sessions per month to complement the Compassion Club and support your progress. 

You'll have a personal coaching platform and a link to schedule your 1-1 sessions biweekly. 


Now it's your turn! What are you wondering about?

If you are asking, someone else is having the same question. So share your curiosity! You can email me or comment below with your questions.


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