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Don't do it alone. 


"Kate has been an invaluable coach to so many NYC families. I have seen first hand the impact her work has had on the quality of children's lives."

-Megan B.

Hi Parents!


I’m Kate Lynch, a mindful parenting coach for neurodiverse families.

I help parents self-regulate so they can enjoy parenting their neurodivergent kids.

I'm the author of the upcoming book Atypical Kids, Mindful Parents: The joys and struggles of raising neurodivergent kids. I'm a cycle breaker, a disability justice advocate, and a gentle yoga teacher. I've been supporting parents since 2002. My little neurodiverse family lives in a magical land called Brooklyn.

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Through self-compassion and mindfulness, we can transform our relationships, and co-create a more inclusive world!

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How to Stay Calm
When Your Kid is Having a Meltdown

When you download the free Mindful Meltdown Cheat Sheet, you'll get:

*4 quick and simple mindfulness tools just for parents of neurodivergent kids

*Plus my 4 meltdown essentials based on my core values. 

These are the strategies I've used to stay calm and connected with my kid when he's having a hard time. 

I've taught these simple tools to hundreds of parents, and I want to give them to you for free!

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"I am literally in tears just knowing that I'm not the only mom who struggles with parenting atypical kids."


Melissa O.

parent of 2 atypical kids

“People treat stress management as a luxury, but it is often a matter of survival.” 

Meghan W.

parent of neurodiverse twins

“As parents of differently wired kids, we spend a lot of time focusing on helping our kids have coping mechanisms, but we need some too.” 

Claudia D.

parent of atypical tween

"It is inspirational to see how people navigate difficult situations and find joy in their children."

5 Days to Calmer Kinder Parenting

Connection, strategies, and support for parents of atypical kids.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, parenting your neurodiverse kids?

How do you most want your parenting to feel?

Calm? Present? Supported? Joyful? Me too!

But does that feel completely unattainable right now?

This 5 day mini-course is for stressed out parents of intense kids who know they have to care for themselves so they can be more present and calm for their kids, but don't have extra time.

You'll get a quick boost of support and a new mindfulness tool each day.

You can be done in 5 minutes a day and the practices are accessible.

5 Days to Calmer Kinder Parenting


Can you commit to 5 minutes a day for 5 days?

Does the stress of holding it all together while walking on eggshells lead to stabbing pain in your shoulders?

  • Unsure of the last time you took a deep breath?

  • Do you wonder how to make time for self-care?

  • Do you wish you could be a calmer, more¬†present parent?
  • Could you use some strategies and support?

Learn to breathe calmly through your kid’s next hair-raising explosion in 5 minutes a day, even if you barely have 5 minutes a day to yourself.

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"We have worked with many different 
professionals who said hurtful things. You made me feel welcome and safe during the 5 day challenge."

Resources for 

How to breeze through your kid’s IEP meeting...

...without selling them short, even if your stomach does flipflops every time. 

My framework for getting through the annual stress-a-thon without throwing up, giving up, or breaking down. Download it instantly:

5 Steps to Calm & Successful IEP Meetings


I'll protect your privacy fiercely

Never throw your kid on the 6:22 am bus with their pants inside out again!

‚ÄúI told you 10 times already, it‚Äôs time to go!‚Ä̬†Does that sound familiar?¬†
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I'll protect your privacy fiercely

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