Mindful Parent Coaching Series

1-1 Coaching Package of 6 Sessions

With Kate Lynch, author of Atypical Kids, Mindful Parents: The joys and struggles of raising neurodivergent kids  

We will customize your program to focus on your goals. 

As parents of neurodivergent kids, we are going to continue to lead challenging lives. If you're ready to feel more connected, calm and present in your parenting, I'll walk alongside you.

I’m a yoga teacher and mindful parenting coach who helps highly sensitive parents self-regulate so they can enjoy parenting their atypical kids.

My approach is nurturing and empowering:

  • I will be present and respectful. 
  • I will stay within my scope of practice.
  • I will encourage your self-empowerment.

What Parents Are Saying:

Thanks for your immense contributions to the lives of all of us with whom you work. Your insight, wisdom, humor, and compassion has helped me so much.

-Amy F.

You helped me find ways to deal with my own anxiety and big feelings so that I can stay grounded for my kids. A side bonus is I am modeling self-care behavior that might help them.

-Mego W

Kate is ever present and helps you feel present, too.

-Theo B

$445.00 USD