Gratitude Weekend 

Mindfulness & Gentle Yoga Retreat


You are invited to join us on retreat
in the Poconos 


Date TBA

Here is the SCHEDULE, subject to change.

Himalayan Institute 

Do you tend to be hard on yourself?

Do you ever feel blocked from receiving kindness?

Do you want to befriend yourself?

“First ask yourself, ‘Do you have a hard time receiving?’ If you do, then you are undervaluing yourself. Try repeating this mantra each morning, ‘Every day it gets a little easier to receive.’” 

-Nkem Ndefo

"Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It’s a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.”

-Pema Chödrön

Do you want to replenish, so you can return to your life with a new perspective?

During the weekend you can expect:

  • Awaken self-compassion
  • Cultivate gratitude
  • Practice gentle yoga
  • Melt away tension 
  • Relax together
  • Integrate mindfulness
  • Connect with yourself
  • Journal to reflect
  • Return home refreshed and ready for the season ahead.

If you want to connect with yourself and unwind, this is the right retreat for you. 

Questions? Schedule a 1-1 Chat HERE.

Everything will be slow paced and low key, and of course it is all optional. There is downtime built in, because it is therapeutic and conducive to the learning process to do nothing. Please take advantage of the downtime to experience stillness, silence and nature. You won't regret it. 

Of course, meeting like-minded people is part of the joy of being on a retreat, especially after years of isolation. You can do that too! 

My Guarantee:

I keep these retreats small, so every spot really counts.

Things come up, but I’d appreciate it if you would double check your availability before booking your retreat. 

I understand that emergencies happen. I’ll refund you up to one week before the retreat, minus the $25 in administrative fees that I am being charged. You can also choose a credit towards future events if you prefer.

Within 7 days of the start of the event, I can't refund you.

Please be patient with your refund, as I am just one person.

Caitlin S.

"The weekend was intimate and soul nourishing!

Kate was an amazing facilitator who created a safe space - a brave space - for us to be vulnerable and open to connection. I felt so restored during the retreat and was able to carry that feeling forward when faced with the stress and responsibilities of life upon returning home, which is absolutely priceless.

I am so grateful for the gift of this beautiful retreat.”

Dave E.

“This was a wonderful retreat that offered a combination of gentle movement, meditation, discussion, and inspiration.

In particular, I appreciated Kate’s knowledge of the body and her ability to help us create postures and movements that worked for us and allowed us to be more connected to our bodies. Mostly, I was in tune with her approach to life - that self-acceptance and self-compassion allow us to give compassion abundantly.”

Picture yourself:

You have arranged for all of your responsibilities to be held by others for the weekend. They have got this. You need to restore so you can return with a new perspective. Your retreat begins with your journey to the Pocono Mountains.

You arrive on Friday and check in to your room. We gather after dinner with a short orientation to the Institute, then introductions to help you settle in to the space and the group before we restore, reflect & breathe. You will practice gratitude, and prepare for a restful sleep...

Before breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, there are optional Hatha yoga classes offered by the Himalayan Institute. If you're up early, you can attend at 7am. If you're not a morning person, sleep in.

After breakfast, we will meditate, connect & gently flow together until lunch. 

Gratitude journaling prompts and self-compassion protocols will be woven throughout the weekend.

After lunch we will make our way to the Sound of Music Hill for a brief outdoor mindful compassion meditation followed by a tour of MOKA, the on-site chocolate and coffee factory!

Spend the rest of the time before dinner in optional self-guided silence: nap, forest walk, sketch, get a massage, journal... After dinner, we will restore, reflect & breathe before bed. 

On Sunday morning we will have our final session with meditation, gentle flow, questions and a closing ceremony. Stay for lunch and head home with your new tools.

Please note: If you are looking for a physically advanced yoga practice, this won't be the right retreat for you. The morning flow I offer is very mindful, and the evenings are restorative. The physical practices are accessible and gentle, while the self-reflection, meditation and introspection are more challenging.

Casey S.

“It has always been difficult for me to slow down — to remove the sense of urgency and just… be.

It was lovely being able to do that, and I feel confident that I can continue practicing mindfulness moving forward.

I had never been on a yoga retreat before, and it exceeded all of my expectations. I had a truly (truly!) wonderful experience. Thank you so much for your kindness along the way!”

If you tend to be hard on yourself, and want to change that, join me to learn mindfulness-based gratitude and self-compassion practices. 

Throughout the weekend, you'll have opportunities for creative expression, introspection and small group listening. 

You'll have time to rest, stroll, enjoy nature, and simply be.

Immerse yourself within a warm, welcoming yoga community. The Himalayan Institute hosts us with:

  • Peaceful workshop space
  • Pristine and comfortable accommodations
  • Vegetarian/vegan meals
  • 400 wooded acres of hiking trails

Indulge in add-on services like massage and ayurvedic treatments. 

Questions? Schedule a 1-1 chat with Kate HERE. I don't bite!

Return home refreshed and receptive to the season ahead.

Katy R.

“The retreat was a wonderful opportunity to disconnect from every day stresses and reconnect with myself.

With her calm and supportive attitude, Kate made it a comfortable and engaging experience for all. I was especially impressed by her combination of preparation and flexibility.”

Christen N.

“I had a really wonderful time.

It was the self-care I needed while also allowing me to sit with some real discomfort.

I’ve been working through some heavy stuff and the weekend helped me get through it all the more.”

Lisa M.

“Although I can be a bit cynical and was always reluctant to join in this type of activity, life during the pandemic has moved me to be more open. I knew that I could benefit from a self-compassion workshop because, like many others, I am very hard on myself!

"I was able to slow down and question some of the negative internal constructs holding me back. The mindfulness practice, yoga, and breathing are all tools that can help me take a step back when I’m overwhelmed. 

"Kate is a compassionate teacher with a great sense of humor! She is very approachable and willing to listen. I also got to meet new and interesting people after a long and complicated year.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me know what else you're curious about. If you're wondering, someone else is too! Schedule a 1-1 chat HERE or email me at [email protected].

Kate Lynch began teaching yoga and cultivating community in 2002, hoping to relieve some of the suffering in the world after 9/11. Since then she has shared the tools that help her find joy, healing and calm in the face of self-doubt, pain and anxiety.

Her workshops are welcoming and relaxing, and reflect her core values: empathy, integrity, equity and respect.

Kate has advanced training in mindfulness, meditation, polyvagal-informed practices, prenatal and postpartum yoga, and integrating equity. She offers accessible variations, and encourages mindful breathing and awareness. 

Her teachers include Bo Forbes, Seane Corn, Michelle Cassandra Johnson; and she is profoundly influenced by Tara Brach and Thich Nhat Hanh.

Kate is a member of the Yoga Service Collective and parent to an amazing atypical kid.