How Do We Gain Momentum to Re-establish a Yoga Routine?

Sep 01, 2023

How do we gain momentum to re-establish any routine, practice, or habit, for that matter? 

Feeling stuck in trying to re-establish a regular yoga practice?  

Here's a meditation you can practice any time you're feeling bogged down in inertia. Meditation for momentum and celebration.

Partner with your future self, and celebrate together!

Try a practice called Mudita: sympathetic joy. Turn it on your future self.

Visualize a snowball rolling down a hill to encourage momentum.



Be present here in this moment.

Isn't it amazing what I get to do? I get to consider all the ways that my past self has set me up and supported me up till this point.

I get to partner with my future self. envision the future self. Just like one week in the future.

So this future self, how are they feeling? Not so much what they have ticked off the to do list, but how are they feeling? What is the sense of fulfillment?

sense of accomplishment?

How are you celebrating with your future self one week from now?

And have the sense, the feeling in your body of being there. What does your body feel like?

When we're not biting off more than we can chew, but we're just biting off a little bit less, just one week in the future or one day in the future if you have a really big week, see that future self already fulfilled, already accomplishing or having accomplished what you envisioned, what you get to do.

Partner with your future self and see them celebrating. I encourage you to pick out something that is real, that is tangible, that you actually can do to celebrate. Something that will be motivating for you. This future self, you're seeing them celebrating.

Now put a hand on your heart and say to your future self, I am so happy for you. say it over and over again, I'm so happy for you. You can say it out loud or internally, I am so happy for you.

As if your future self was your best friend. You know how hard they worked towards this achievement and how much they deserve this celebration. I am so happy for you.

You overcame this. It was not easy.

I am so happy for you.

 Turn up the corners of your mouth and a little Buddha smile. Even let the smile creep into the corners of your eyes.

Feel like your cells are porous and you can really drink this in to the present moment.

This is a Buddhist practice called Mudita. Sympathetic joy. Turning it on your future self.

I'm so happy for you.

Maybe you're hearing from your past self who made the choices to get you here, to this moment where you have this support. Or from your future self who has already achieved that pivot, that quest, that big thing, or all those little things, and is celebrating that.

Maybe you're hearing the wisdom from your present self who knows how to take that one next step, and that's all they need to do. They don't need to worry about anything that they can't control. The present self just needs to take that one step and then reflect and celebrate.

This is how we reestablish our momentum. One little step along the quest at a time.

This week, I'm going to use that visualization of a snowball rolling down a hill to encourage momentum.

And I'd love to hear from you. Let us know, how are you going to celebrate this week?

Thank you.

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