The Compassion Club

The online therapeutic yoga membership for highly sensitive people who want customized support, encouragement, and connection, so they can fall back in love with their lives.


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"The more I make myself a priority, the better I show up in the world."

-Jeanmarie M.

“I have been working with Kate for years. She is versed in her craft and has a way of making participants feel comfortable... I was so resistant to virtual yoga, and I'm so glad I was able to get over that because it's just so enjoyable.”
Donna H.

Compassion Club Member

“I feel like I am entering the new year building on my strengths, rather than clearing aside old habits and pledging to start from scratch! I know that my yoga practice, and your teaching, made the difference.”

Jeanmarie M.
Compassion Club Member


By making this commitment to yourself, showing up and practicing, you'll find you can be more present in your life, even when it is overwhelming.


Consistent live classes give you structure during chaotic times. Gentle yoga, breathing and meditation serve a higher purpose of inner growth.


You'll co-create a brave space and connect with other members having a similar experience. The membership is a welcoming and nourishing community.


Learn mindfulness, gentle yoga, breathing and relaxation skills to tone your nervous system. When you feel the stresses mounting with kids and responsibilities, you will have tools to return to your center. 

Core Strength & Mobility

Yes, your body will be happier too! You will move gently and breathe in novel, mindful ways, without hierarchy and with lots of variations.

"I really appreciate the reflections and introspection."

“If it wasn’t for the online format, I wouldn’t have gotten to know everyone and taken the time to learn the other things that yoga is about. I really appreciate the reflections and introspection.”
-Portia F. 

Your mastery of the material that you've taught over the past 20 years is evident.

Yoga with you is a different experience than with other teachers.”

-Jen S.

"If you’re looking for a peaceful yoga practice with a great community of people and a kind and knowledgeable instructor, it would be perfect.”

-Lisa M.

“Kate's classes give us time to experience our bodies. Her instructions are clear and precise. She gives less flexible students, like me, appropriate options.”

-Eric R.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compassion Club Benefits:

  • You'll forge connections with other members having a similar experience, in an intimate and nourishing community. You'll co-create a brave space for inner growth.

  • Gentle yoga, breathing and meditation serve a higher purpose of inner transformation.

  • Your body will feel better too! The yoga is gentle and customized to your needs.¬†

  • By practicing regularly, you'll find you can be more present in your life, no matter how overwhelming it is.

  • When you feel stresses mounting with kids or other responsibilities, you'll remember to return to your center.

  • Consistent live classes and replays give you structure and accountability during chaotic times.

Compassion Club Features:

  • Live sessions on most Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays:¬†
    -Saturdays, 11-12:30 EST: Yoga, meditation, and connection. A customized practice with a long relaxation. 
    -Mondays, 11-11:30 EST: 15 min meditation and 15 min self-reflection to set your intention for your week. 
    -Wednesdays, 11-11:30 EST: 30 min of yoga flow together. 

  • Replays and an organized on-demand video library with classes for emotional balance, breathing, compassion and more.

  • The Kajabi app is available to you so you can practice anywhere, anytime.

  • The Heartbeat community platform is a space for connection and informal meetups¬†AWAY FROM social media.