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Focus on creating your
heart-centered vision

...while shedding stress, doubt and brain fog:

Clear and Present Yoga

The small group yoga, meditation and journaling course that empowers you to define your self-care and your mission, and follow through on your intentions. 


"The more I make myself a priority, the better I show up in the world."

-Jeanmarie M.

When your inner critic shuts down your spark, the world will miss out on your contribution.


Take back your time and your joy from your anxious thoughts.

Are you a deeply feeling person headed for burnout? 

  • You witness suffering and want to help, but it is so upsetting that you shut down.
  • You need rest but fear you’ll lose momentum.

  • You are hardest on yourself.

  • Your nervous system is overloaded.
  • Internalized oppressive systems cloud your thinking.
  • You’re too busy, stressed and scattered to do something about it... AND you're seriously fed up with these unhelpful patterns.

What are you going to do about it?

Stop waiting to exhale.

"I was so resistant to virtual yoga..."

I was so resistant to virtual yoga, and I'm so glad I was able to get over that because it's just so enjoyable.
-Donna H. 

Empowered self-care to support
your heart-centered mission:

A low-effort, high-impact online program for
deeply feeling people who want to
break cycles and co-create a more inclusive future.

This course has a justice-based sliding scale pricing structure
to make it more financially inclusive.
Please use this infographic to locate yourself on the sliding scale.

With Kate Lynch

July, August & September


Live workshops will be 10-11:30 am EST on the following Saturdays:
July 9, July 16, August 13, August 20, and September 17.

The workshops will be supplemented by personalized check-ins
and meditation and Q&A sessions, dates TBD.

We begin July 9, at 10 am EST


What's Inside Clear & Present Yoga: 

  • Foundation: Community agreements & first steps.
  • Create: Your unique heart-centered vision and mission.
  • Rest: What neuroscience says about its benefits.
  • Community Care: Courage to ask for help, be seen, give and forgive.
  • Gremlins: Learn from your inner critic & establish a growth mindset.
  • Empowered: Personal accountability and systems.
  • Follow Through: Finish what you started, trust the process.
  • Celebrate: The essential final step.

Are you a deeply feeling, sensitive person who wants to make a positive impact on the world?


Your vision is essential. Your self-care matters, because we need you to stay engaged with the world and deliver on your mission.

When you upgrade your mindset and reprogram your nervous system, you’ll interrupt oppressive patterns in your life that keep you small, you’ll create new patterns that support your inner growth, and you’ll value your contribution enough to make it a reality.

To co-create an inclusive future, we need you: wholehearted, awake and aware!

Join Kate Lynch online:
July, August, September

The justice-based sliding scale price includes:

  • 5 workshops and replays, a few Saturdays a month
  • 4 customized meditation and Q&A sessions 
  • 3 months of our on-demand yoga video library
  • Personalized accountability support
  • The Private Package also includes 6 yoga and meditation sessions to complement your course
I'm in!

"Kate is an amazing facilitator"

"Kate is an amazing facilitator who created a safe space - a brave space - for us to be vulnerable and open to connection. I felt restored, and was able to carry that feeling forward when faced with the stress and responsibilities of life." 
-Caitlin S.

Deeply feeling people have lots of great questions.

Your objections are natural, and expected:

  • No time? You think you don’t have time, but really you don’t use the time you have to follow your innermost voice. This is a low-effort course designed to have a high impact on your life. Make the necessary changes to prioritize your vision. Replays will be available for when you can't make it live.
  • You're a private person. Don't want to air your laundry with strangers? Everyone needs support, not just you. Those who join this group will become each others' team. If you take the leap, they may become your newest friends.
  • Is this therapy? No. But my approach is therapeutic and I'm not afraid of your big feelings.
  • What's sliding scale? My vision is for a more empathetic and equitable world. Will you join me? Learn about this pricing structure and how to locate your financial privilege on the sliding scale HERE
  • You're intrigued, but have lots of questions? Of course you do, that's understandable! Sign up for a 1-1 chat with Kate or email [email protected].

"I really appreciate the reflections and introspection."

“If it wasn’t for the online format, I wouldn’t have gotten to know everyone and taken the time to learn the other things that yoga is about. I really appreciate the reflections and introspection.”
-Portia F. 

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$97-797 USD


  • 5 workshops and replays, a few Saturdays a month
  • 4 customized meditation and Q&A sessions 
  • 3 months of Kate's on-demand yoga & meditation video library
  • Personalized accountability support through July, August and September
  • The Private Package option gives you 6 private yoga and meditation sessions to support and complement your work inside Clear and Present Yoga. 


Equity Rate
$97 USD

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Sustain Rate
$147 USD

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Support Rate
$197 USD

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Private Package $797 USD

This option gives you 6 private yoga and meditation sessions to support and complement your work inside of
Clear and Present Yoga. 

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My Guarantee

If you sign up, try one class, and decide it’s not for you, let me know ASAP and I’ll refund you.

  Your takeaways from
Clear and Present Yoga:

At the end of the course, my goal is that you’ll say:

  • My heart-centered mission makes a difference in the world.
  • I have fewer mental blocks to valuing my self-care and my voice.
  • My body, heart and mind feel more aligned. 
  • I have shown myself that I can follow through on my intentions.
  • I know how to identify my gremlins and listen to them.
  • I am more self-compassionate.
  • I welcome mistakes as my teachers.
  • I am not alone, I have a supportive community who sees me.
  • I can ask for help and lift others.
  • I understand why my inner critic is trying to protect me.
  • I feel supported to take risks. 
  • Self-care is what I say it is.
  • My vulnerability is my strength.
  • The future is better because of my contribution.
  • I deserve joy and rest.
  • I'm empowered to create time for my version of self-care.


Supplemental Workshop/Lessons

Description of what the bonus is, the benefit, and the dollar value.


Worksheets, Planners, Resources, Templates

Description of what the bonus is, the benefit, and the dollar value.


Coaching, Support, Accountability

Description of what the bonus is, the benefit, and the dollar value.

A note from Kate Lynch

If I managed to write a book, I know you can make your heart-centered vision come alive. I've been an anxious and intense person my whole life. That's what led me to yoga and meditation.

I was scared-excited on my 30th birthday when I got on a plane for a 6-month solo backpacking trip through Southeast Asia. I was scared-exhilarated when I moved to Australia, and just plain terrified to end my first marriage and return home to Brooklyn. I'm so glad I did all those things anyway.

I know I can do hard things because I've had lots of practice failing, and I have an incredible support structure of family, friends, mentors and colleagues who believe in me. Now I want to support you.

Over the past 20 years of teaching yoga and meditation, I have found the practices the help me the most, and I want to teach them to you: Practices that tell your brain and body that you are safe, so you can stop scanning the environment for danger and get on with loving the world. 

My vision now is so big that I need to recruit you: 

I believe we can eradicate shame in one generation. Harmful, oppressive systems in our culture try to dehumanize, but I know you are willing to interrogate your programming to become part of the solution. I want to support you through that process, because I know it is the most direct route to impact the inclusive future I want to create. I can’t do it alone.

If you're reading this, I know you're with me.

I designed this course to help you navigate the big, sweeping emotions that life throws your way, so you can take compassionate action and make a positive impact on the world.

Join me inside Clear & Present Yoga