5 Days to Calmer Kinder Parenting

Learn to breathe calmly through your kid’s next hair-raising explosion, even if you barely have 5 minutes a day to yourself!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, parenting your neurodiverse kids during these intense times?

  • Is stress getting the better of your parenting?
  • Could you use some strategies, support and understanding?
  • Do you wonder how to make time for self-care?
  • Could you find a few minutes a day, if you knew that it would help your kid? 

5 days of mindfulness strategies and support designed for you.

I think you’ll really look forward to those 5 minutes every day!

This 5 day challenge is for stressed out parents who are ready to care for themselves so they can be calm and present no matter how intense their atypical kid is in the moment. 

I've distilled the most grounding and effective mindfulness practices I know into a set of simple tools that I always have handy. I want to share them with you, so you don’t feel as overwhelmed and isolated as I was.

You'll get a quick boost of support and a new mindfulness tool each day.  

What's included:

  • Daily 5-minute videos.
  • Audio download options.
  • Self-reflection questions.
  • A daily affirmation.
  • A printable PDF for each practice.
  • Email encouragement!

What Parents Are Saying:

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the 5 day challenge. Just hearing your voice was soothing! I need to be better about working it in daily because I see how helpful it is.


We have worked with many different professionals who said hurtful things. You made me feel welcome and safe during the 5 day challenge.

-Melissa O.

As parents of differently wired kids, we spend a lot of time focusing on helping our kids have coping mechanisms, but we need some too.

-Mego W.

I loved every minute of your sweet morning meditations. I can't wait to recommend your course to parents who are struggling.

-Brenda N.

I am literally in tears just knowing that I'm not the only mom who struggles with parenting atypical kids.


$27.00 USD