• Stress and mental health impact college retention.

  • Meditation has been shown effective in improving academic performance and reducing stress.

  • Studies indicate that meditation can improve students’ retention of material on tests.

Our engaging programs are specifically designed to improve academic success by empowering college students with mindfulness tools, through a balanced combination of discussion and experience.

Less than 40% of students entering college will graduate in four years. Help your students beat the odds by introducing mindfulness and meditation programs on your campus. We provide expert instruction, customized to the unique needs of your population and schedule.

Studies show the practice may be an antidote to the high levels of stress and depression seen on college campuses.

Several studies positively link meditation to improved recall and reduced stress in college students. Students who meditate have less stress and report lower rates of psychological incidents. With the above in mind, it is obvious why meditation programs have became very popular on college campuses.

Stress reduction programs are especially important for first-generation college students. These students report higher levels of stress, depression and lower levels of academic performance.

“I definitely think it helps to de-stress,” said Rob Stephens, a global studies major from Atlanta, Georgia. “It’s the time I spend making sure I am OK… It’s a time to stop and refocus your purpose.” 

In one study, meditation was shown to improve recall on quizzes taken during three psychology courses. Evidence exists linking meditation to improved focus and GRE scores. In 2009 Moore and Malinowski found that there was a positive correlation between meditation and cognitive flexibility and focus.

Stress and related psychological incidents can have a negative impact on academic success. Roughly 30% off all college students seek out professional counseling. Meditation has been successfully utilized to reduce stress-causing hormones in the body. Meditation has also been shown to improve overall well-being while mitigating the effects of negative psychological episodes.

Studies show the practice may be an antidote to the high levels of stress and depression seen on college campuses.

The American College Health Association found in a 2015 study that more than 85 percent said they “felt overwhelmed” by the demands of college. And a third of all student said stress had a negative effect on their overall academic performance.

While the above is hardly an exhaustive review of the literature regarding meditation and college performance, enough evidence exists to support starting a meditation program on your campus.

programs & workshops:

  • Day residency $1,000 includes several custom designed student and staff programs.

  • Single workshop 1-2 hours $500-750.

  • Series of weekly or monthly 1 hour Workshops $250 each.

  • Contact us for other options based on your unique needs.

Some include:

Introduction to Meditation: Jumpstart Your Spiritual Practice

App-solutely Stress Free: How To Utilize Free & Low Cost Apps to Support Your Meditation Practice

The Meditation Club: Weekly and Monthly Sessions

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