Restorative Yoga Techniques for Better Sleep

Are you struggling to relax enough to get good sleep?

How would it feel to wake up calm and energized instead of drained?

This self-paced restorative yoga course is perfect for you if you want to wind down from a stressful day before going to sleep. The accumulated feelings you gather throughout the day will have time to metabolize and release. You will gently tone your nervous system and quiet your mental chatter.

Nourish your nervous system, rewire your sleep patterns, and integrate new habits into your life.

I've learned so much about the importance of sleep quality and quantity for neurological wellbeing in the past few years as I navigated my own struggles. I learned the most helpful techniques to invite deeper rest, and it turns out I already had the most effective sleep support at my fingertips... Restorative yoga!

In this specialized restorative yoga course, you'll learn my most effective  practices for better sleep.

Restorative Yoga Techniques for Better Sleep is a soothing and calming course designed for long-term transformations that can impact every part of your life. Results will come as you integrate new habits into your life sustainably.

This self-paced course helps you wind down and improve your sleep long-term, which can impact every area of your life. 

  • Practice along with 6 full-length restorative yoga videos designed to soothe your nervous system and send you off to sleep. 

  • Track your progress over time with 6 self-reflection check-ins to help you stay mindful and motivated. 

  • Download the supplemental e-book and the audio recordings that will help you retrain your nervous system. 

  • Ask me questions via email or in course comments. I love supporting your sleep progress.

Guarantee: If you don't like it, let me know within 7 days and I'll refund you.

I've just done the first one and it's already helping me gently rethink my sleep attitude. I'm looking forward to the rest. I'm glad you said specifically not to rush through the course or I definitely would have!

-Louise W.

It worked so well for me. I was so cozy and comfy that I could not get up from my nook. I had fallen asleep and then fell back to sleep.

-Ilana A.

I have learned some helpful sleep practices! I have had fewer wake ups. I am able to use some skills from the class that help me return to sleep without completely waking.

-Kathryn H.

$75.00 USD