Private Yoga 6-Pack

Transform Your Life with Personalized Yoga: Discover Joy, Resilience, and Balance

with Kate Lynch

6 online sessions for the price of 5

Not getting your unique needs met in group classes? Struggling to fit yoga into your complicated life?

Our private online yoga and meditation sessions will be tailored to help you embrace much needed self-care.  I'll give you the support you need to relax, rejuvenate, and rediscover your inner strength. 

Your personalized gentle yoga sessions are completely customized to you, and available on your schedule. It's a precious time to embrace every facet of your highly-sensitive self, your individual body, your goals, and your needs.

    1. Learn therapeutic yoga practices you can apply to your stressful life so you can relax.
    2. Build your confidence without fear of injury.
    3. Receive the physical, mental, and emotional support you need so you can:
      • regulate your nervous system,
      • cultivate more energy, and
      • be present in your relationships. 

🎯 Tailored for Highly-Sensitive People:

I get it. Group classes don't address your unique needs, such as sensory sensitivities, the ache of extra tense muscles, difficulty staying in the present, an often jumpy or vigilant mind, and, yes: trauma. Customized private sessions offer a tailored approach, addressing your unique challenges, providing a brave space for self-discovery, and helping you build sustainable self-care practices.
Here are a few examples of how we can target your individual sessions:

      • Highly sensitive people often harbor extra tension, which can lead to joint pain. In your personalized yoga sessions, we'll target the areas you most need to stretch and release, improving your flexibility and reducing discomfort.

      • Mindful breathing is a potent tool for emotional balance, enhancing concentration, and reducing anxiety. Breath practices awaken your core to help your posture feel more aligned, and enhance many of your body's autonomic systems.

      • Guided meditation will help you patiently train your mind to be more aware. As you settle in, your mind will focus and find serenity. These benefits can extend beyond your sessions. And here's the best kept secret of meditation: it often translates to more restful sleep.

🕰 Flexible Scheduling:

Your sessions, your time. No more squeezing your already jam-packed day around a yoga studio schedule. (Or maybe leaving self-care last on your list and not making it to yoga at all?) Private yoga sessions are available on your schedule. With online sessions, you don’t need to get a babysitter, and there’s no commute! Practice when and where you feel most comfortable.

💖 Your Expert Guide: 

Hi, I'm Kate! I've spent two decades teaching yoga and regulating my own anxious and sensitive nervous system through movement, meditation, breath practices, and self-compassion.

I've experienced all the big feelings, I’m riding the roller coaster of a meaningful life, and I’ve had my share of injuries and chronic pain too. The benefit of all this life experience isn’t just empathy. It’s authenticity, ease, and a treasure chest of wisdom that can help you feel better in your body and mind.

Working with thousands of students, I've honed the art of customizing yoga sessions so that each one feels like exactly what you were wishing for… even if you didn't quite know what you needed at the start. Just don’t ask me to repeat the same thing twice! ;)

✨ What's Included?

      • Breath practices customized to you, explained and adjusted until they feel just right.
      • Somatic movement to support your body in whatever it is dealing with right now.
      • Stretching to help you let go of tension and care for your aching joints.
      • Meditation demystified, deconstructed, and applied to your situation.
      • Rest as a practice, guided expertly so you feel held and nourish your nervous system.

Whether you're new to yoga or experienced, dealing with injuries or not, my approach is tailored to you. My vow is that you’ll feel heard, nurtured, and respected throughout our time together. Your job is to show up, and trust your inner wisdom.

💖 An investment in personalized yoga sessions is a deposit in your well-being bank. When you release years of built-up stress, the layers of tension will drop away to reveal the authenticity, well-being, and vibrant energy that has been waiting under there all along. Let out a sigh of relief as you rediscover your true self. It's time to release the burdens that have held you back and discover the serenity you deserve.

On your personalized yoga journey, you’ll find your unique balance of resilience, ease, and joy.

      • Your 60 minute lessons will be online via Zoom (or in person in my home studio in Brooklyn).
      • You'll have a private platform on my website where you can book sessions, write notes, and view videos and other resources.

Kate draws from a wealth of knowledge about the body & mind. I feel safe in her hands, and am able to move freely and completely let go!

-Delia H.

With Kate, you’ll be in really good hands, and feel comfortable. Her approach is soothing, while still getting right to the work. She’s very knowledgeable, and has a way of teaching acceptance with gentleness, curiosity, and compassion.

-Emily G.

Your mastery of the material that you've taught over the past 20 years is evident. Yoga with you is a different experience than with other teachers.

-Jen S.

Kate's instructions are clear and precise. She gives less flexible students, like me, appropriate options.

-Eric R.

$725.00 USD