This is The Most Wonderful Moment

My beloved friend Alice, who I’ve known since childhood, has always inspired me with her presence, sweetness and grounded wisdom. A remarkable musician, she has practiced so consistently that I have always marveled at her discipline. She has a tattoo on her forearm:

“This is the most wonderful moment” 

When I asked her about the nature of  the discipline, I wanted to know: “Is it the love of what you do which makes it feel effortless? Or is it the consistency and grind that creates the habit, which leads to an appearance of effortlessness?”

“It was love. You know how you work hard on behalf of your relationships with John and Ocean? It was just like that, I considered music my ‘first love’ and I tried to show up for that gift.“

Ah. Yes. Paying attention to what we truly love can lead us to higher consciousness. Working hard on behalf of that which you love, is a way to practice Dharana, or one-pointed focus on the present moment. There’s power in this intense focus, and it leads us effortlessly to deeper states of meditation. 

When do you feel intense focus, vibrant senses and completely lose track of time? What reminds YOU that this is the most wonderful moment?

In springtime, I walk aimlessly through the park, breathing in the smell of petals, and lose track of all but the most essential truths. 

Bringing our attention to our surroundings, we cultivate the habit of attending to the present moment. Then, mindfulness arises. We spend more time aware of the truth of the moment, leaving less time for ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness doesn’t have to be complicated, that’s what makes it so accessible.

This August, we will explore mindfulness on retreat. Mindfulness has many entry points, and you can start where you’re at. Meditating in a seated position does take practice, but you can build up slowly over the 4 days.

This is not a rigid retreat. My intention is that you will feel nourished and better prepared to meet the life you have. It is about making peace with all of you, just as you are, and being embraced in your wholeness.

Thank you for your willingness to press against your habits and beliefs. It can feel vulnerable at first, to try a new way. It can also be frustrating when results come slowly. We are much more likely to stick to a new habit if it brings us joy in the moment. Let’s discover our own joyful practice, so any results are secondary to the love of this moment.