On Being Vulnerable as a Teacher

I’ve been listening to the Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast for a while and love the on air coaching calls that Mado has shared. When she offered an opportunity, I jumped at the chance.
Oh boy, am I glad I did. As I evolve in my role as a teacher, getting advice and perspective is essential. I couldn’t ask for better support.

However, I wasn’t sure if I would share it widely. Everything coming at me right now is saying be vulnerable, drop the veneer, show up and be seen with all the fears. I guess this needs to be out there. The few I know who have listened so far have called it raw, brave, and honest. My mom said authentic. I share my yoga and parenting journey and my longing to support parents like me. Ulp... sigh, it’s emotional...!!!

Here’s the coaching call podcast. She’s a great listener, with fantastic advice. I threw a monkey wrench in at the end and she didn’t miss a beat!

Here’s to the brave, big steps!