Happy Winter Solstice!

How will you mark the longest night of the year? What rituals do you enjoy practicing as we officially transition to winter? Days begin to lengthen now, and many traditions use fire, lights and candles to symbolize bringing a spark of illumination into darkness. You can try the simple fire ceremony I shared in class and in my newsletter. Please email me if you aren’t yet receiving my newsletter!

Solstice Spiral and Happy Winter Solstice Song

Especially if you have a larger group of different ages, try this beautiful seasonal tradition which I learned from our community of yogis. It is derived from the Waldorf earth based ritual, and adds a beautiful song which integrates each child’s name.

The children create a spiral they can walk through. In Florida we use the moss which drips from the trees, but you can use anything. String lights? Painters tape? Chalk on sidewalk? Be creative. We help the kids carve apples to hold real candles. They very carefully and ceremoniously take turns carrying their candle to the center as we celebrate them with this angelic song. At the end, they serve everyone cookies they have baked. It is the most tender, heartwarming ritual I think I’ve ever been part of.

Children’s Winter Solstice Song for Solstice Spiral

by Hari Bhajan Kaur

On the golden star path walking

______________ travels far

Brings to us the light of heaven

Brighter than the brightest star…

Moonbeams shine for _____________

Bells of heaven sweetly ring

All the earth is hushed to listen

When the angel voices sing…

Soft her/his footsteps on the star path

Stardust sprinkled in her/his way

______________ brings to us the sunshine

Brighter than the brightest day…


Happy Winter Solstice

Healthy Winter Solstice

Holy Winter Solstice

Solstice Time.

Here is a roaring fire to warm your heart and ignite your true purpose. May you be blessed this season with self compassion, coziness and the fire in your heart to serve the greater good. Please join me around this hearth, March 29-31, for the annual Women's Wellness Weekend.

Women’s Wellness Weekend at Frost Valley YMCA:

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