Kate Lynch's Bio

Kate Lynch has been teaching yoga and meditation internationally since 2002. She lives and practices in Brooklyn, NY.

Combine a nomadic, creative childhood and an intense, studious temperament, and you might end up in art school. That background can then inspire any divergent directions your life might go.

In 1996, Kate was a stressed out fashion designer and visual artist who hoped yoga would help her whiplash. It did a lot more than that. It wasn’t long before she discovered a state of complete contentment, for the first time in her life, during deep relaxation at the end of a Kundalini Yoga class. From there, her journey was slow and steady, leading to a daily meditation practice and an unfolding calling to somehow “be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.”

Kate believes that her yoga practice gave her the courage to leave a successful but unfulfilling career and follow her bliss. Her passion for travel and learning led her to go backpacking in Southeast Asia for 6 months, absorbing the cultural lessons of these diverse civilizations. She met an Australian surfer in Malaysia. One thing led to another, and she eventually ended up in Sydney, making pottery and working at a health food store.

Kate had never envisioned herself as a teacher, so when she learned that no one was teaching Kundalini Yoga in Sydney, she took up Ashtanga and practiced alongside the surfers at the local community center. It took a few more years, and a lot of teachers urging her, before she decided to begin training as a yoga teacher.

September 11, 2001 changed so much in the world, especially for New Yorkers. Far from home, Kate’s spiritual foundation was shaken. An intense drive to serve the greater good overshadowed her lack of confidence. She began studying Holistic Counseling and Anatomy and Physiology at Nature Care College in Sydney. Then, thanks to an unexpected gift from her beloved grandfather, Jim Lynch, Kate was able to attend a month long intensive at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Master’s Touch 2002 was run by Hari Kaur, and it was one of the final trainings in which Yogi Bhajan lectured almost daily.

Kate returned to Australia to teach and create community. Gaining wisdom from her students and meeting so many extraordinary people was a benefit of teaching that Kate hadn’t anticipated. She began Healthy Happy Yoga, offering workshops, beginners series, sadhana practices, community events and group classes for adults, children and pre/postnatal students. She led the Postures segment and Sadhana practice at the first Kundalini Teacher Training at Samadhi Yoga Sydney. She continued to study Prenatal, Postpartum, and Kids’ Yoga.

Kate’s first marriage ended in 2006, and she spent time in India; then a season working, teaching and living in a tent at the Omega Institute. (A holistic retreat center in Rhinebeck, NY. Omega has been Kate’s spiritual home since then, and she returns to teach and learn as often as possible.)

After time at Kripalu for a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Seane Corn (founder of Off The Mat Into the World), Kate returned to her beloved Brooklyn to finally set down roots. She was warmly welcomed onto the staff of Golden Bridge Yoga New York, Yoga Center of Brooklyn, Kundalini Yoga in Park Slope, Crunch, New York Sports Clubs and the Y. She volunteered to assist teacher trainings with Hari Kaur and Gurmukh Khalsa.

Eventually she met John, and they were married in Omega’s Sanctuary meditation space in 2009. Ocean was born at home in 2010. Kate’s teaching schedule became more streamlined, and she stopped seeing private clients for a time. Her focus was on mindfully parenting her unique child.

As soon as he could talk, Ocean asked his parents to “Stop singing!” He was sensitive and quirky, like his parents. In 2013, Ocean was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD), and Kate joined a vibrant community of families with differently wired kids. She continues to learn about advocacy, patience and neurodiversity. Her greatest teacher has been Ocean himself.

In 2015 John was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease. He immediately began blogging and volunteering, and turned his incredible optimism into an asset to slow the progress of his disease. John and Kate meditate together most days. Sometimes they entertain at birthday parties together. Magic, face painting and yoga are a fun combination. It has been a busy time!

Kate’s passion for travel and learning have never abated. She continues to seek new ways to serve and connect. Yoga Journal Conferences, Winter and Summer Solstice Retreats, meditation courses, Ecstatic Chant Intensives, workshops and adventures infuse her with inspiration. Continuing Education trainings include: Integral Advanced Prenatal, Khalsa Way Prenatal, Hands On Assists, Radiant Child, Every Kid’s Yoga (for kids with special needs), Yoga Fit, Authentic Relationships, Positive Behavior Support and Mindfulness Parent Training, Border Crossers PD for Educators, and Inclusivity Training for Yoga.

Kate's classes have been called creative, safely challenging, intuitive, welcoming, generous, friendly and fun. Her influences include students, family, friends, Seane Corn, Hari Kaur, Dianne Bondy and Thich Nhat Hanh.

Ocean’s wonderful public school has initiated and focused Kate’s intense interest in the topics of equity and inclusion. That inquiry led organically to learning about trauma, resilience, body autonomy and adaptive yoga. Everything that informs Kate’s life inspires her practice and teaching. At one time her worlds felt separate and she didn’t know how they fit, but now she recognizes that one word sums up her intention in all facets: Inclusion. You can read more about this in her mission statement.

Thank you for reading. Comments via email are welcome. Yes, Kate is currently accepting new private and small group clients in Brooklyn! Please take a look at Healthy Happy Yoga’s new website. Sign up for newsletters, blog posts and see what’s to come there.